Brian Williams (and Everyone Else) Can Now Tweet Snoop Dogg Lyrics While Doing Yoga: Links You Need to See

Monopoly is a horrible board game that people are rumored to like. We’ve never met any of them, but apparently Monopoly has fans because it’s still extant. Now the makers of the evil and complicated board game have finally given the public a real reason to buy it: there’s real money being placed in 80 Monopoly sets, in celebration of the game’s 80th anniversary — but, sorry world, Rich Uncle Pennybags is only sharing the contents of his titular bags with the French. … Read More

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Of Course You Can Be the Horse’s Head in ‘Godfather’ Monopoly

We’re no stranger to pop culture-inspired takes on Monopoly; we’ve previously lusted after versions of the classic board game that nod at Game of Thrones, The Princess Bride, and The Big Lebowski. The major difference with The Godfather Monopoly? You’ll actually be able to buy this collector’s edition —… Read More

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The Occupy Wall Street USA Monopoly Board

Like Monopoly but hate the old-timey feel of the game? Well then why not try one that’s a little more modern? This Occupy USA board game by the Village Voice‘s William Banzai is just like the classic you’ve come to love except that it includes cities that are hosting their own versions of Occupy Wall Street and modern issues like federal bailouts and subprime mortgages. It might just be the best possible way to pass the time while you occupy the financial capital of your city. Click on for a bigger version. … Read More

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Wanted: ‘The Princess Bride’ Monopoly

If like us, you enjoy nothing more than randomly quoting The Princess Bride in everyday conversation (“Is this a kissing book?” “Anybody want a peanut?” “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”), then we think you’re going to be pretty excited by this Monopoly game tribute to the swashbuckling… Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds In Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we felt kind of depressed after watching the cast of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory reunite on the Today Show, 40 years later. We thought that Ed Harris made a pretty decent John McCain in this still from HBO’s upcoming film Game Change. We were impressed by… Read More

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Wanted: ‘Big Lebowski’ Monopoly

Stoners of the world, the internet has (yet another) present for you. Hit pause on those cat videos, because some wonderful Redditor has created Big Lebowski Monopoly. Instead of going directly to jail, you’ll pass out; your Chance cards are replaced by White Russians; and the journey will take you from The Dude’s Bachelor Pad to Lebowski’s Mansion, with some stops on the way at In-N-Out Burger, Nihilist Dinner, Maude’s Bedroom, and Naked Beach Party. Sounds like a the perfect game night — if only Hasbro would put this one into production. … Read More

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Are We Too Stupid to Play Monopoly Now?

A new version of Monopoly, that classic training ground of heartless capitalists, hits shelves this fall — and it is pretty freaking different from the game we played as kids. The chief difference: a spaceship/nuclear reactor-looking tower that ensures players never have to do any math. The New York Times describes it as “an… Read More

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Love or Hate: The Wire Monopoly

If the original Monopoly game is based on a place as troubled as Atlantic City, then where’s Baltimore’s version? Well, now it exists (at least, in the form of an internet meme), courtesy of UK site The Poke. (Click over to them for a larger view.) Their Wire-themed game features some syringes, lots of stoops, some classic Monopoly jails and, of course, some more landmarks from the show.

It’s a catchy idea, and obviously in good fun, it is reminiscent of the controversial Ghettopoly, which drew racism complaints from the NAACP. And, since we once lived in “Bodymore, Murdaland” and are a little touchy about the way it gets represented, we feel compelled to say this doesn’t really capture it. Let us know whether you love it or hate it in the comments. … Read More

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Ridley Scott Rolls the Dice with Mr. Monopoly

Ridley Scott, the man behind the likes of Blade Runner, Thelma & Louise, Gladiator and Robin Hood, has officially ventured into new and, er… well-worn territory, with a take on Hasbro’s iconic Monopoly boardgame. Luckily, the mystery protagonist will not need to wear a top hat, mustache or spectacles — it will be a modern day dramedy, after all. Scott has cryptically said the film will focus on the role of greed in society: “The most amusing thing about Monopoly is it can turn your benign aunt or your benign sweet little grandmother into a monster,” Scott told Hasbro. And while we’re not convinced of the “Untitled Monopoly Project’s” merit, check out our casting predictions for the film after the jump. And no matter how ridiculous, feel free to share your own predictions in the comments… Read More

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When Board Games Come Full Circle

Time-consuming board games like Monopoly and Clue are fireside staples for avoiding awkward family conversations. They convert all of that confrontational energy into innocent competitiveness. Thus the recent update to Monopoly seems a little against-the-grain, as do the following makeovers. Where is the line between modernizing a classic and ruining it? … Read More

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