Morrissey: The Essential Career-Spanning Playlist

This week, Morrissey released his tenth album, World Peace Is None of Your Business. As my colleague Tom Hawking already discussed, the album wouldn’t be complete without a bevy of oh-so-Moz lines, essentially whining with an Oscar Wilde flair. But Moz also proves that after 30 years as a lyricist, he still has some new tricks up his sleeve: namely, showing off how much he reads the World section of The Guardian. … Read More

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The Most Morrissey Lyrics From Morrissey’s New Album

He’s back! Yes, pop’s most famous misanthrope, Mr. Steven Patrick Morrissey of Salford, has a new record out today. It’s called World Peace Is None of Your Business, and it finds him in as cheery a mood as ever. The album’s songs address fun topics like suicide, murder, and, worst of all, marriage, in lyrics that are quintessential Moz from start to finish. If it’s all too much, though, well, here are the most Morrissey moments of the album, summarized in a convenient list! … Read More

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The 10 Albums You Need to Hear in July

In terms of album releases, we’ve got a surprisingly lively month ahead of us, given the generally slow time of year. From Sia to Shabazz Palaces, a number of 2014’s biggest critical hits will be released in July. Let’s dig in… Read More

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9 Awful Cultural Figures Who Would Go Away If We Ignored Them

Yes, Ann Coulter wrote a ridiculous column about how the World Cup is an insult to American values, and no, I’m not going to link it here. The really remarkable thing about this whole sorry affair, which has been stinking up social media for the last couple of days, is that anyone still cares what Ann Coulter think. She’s the perfect example of someone who’s only in any way renowned because people pay attention to her for being an extremist; if people stopped giving her airtime, she would melt back into richly deserved obscurity. Like the rest of people on this list! Begone, all of you! … Read More

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A Morrissey Insult For Every Occasion

Ah, Morrissey. It is both a blessing and a curse that our favorite morose sex idiot of music celebrates his 55th birthday today. On the one hand, he has the opportunity to release tolerable music. On the other, he’ll keep running his mouth. Sure, some of the things he says are too hilarious to take seriously, and his infinite grumpiness is, in a way, quite adorable! Yet there’s also the undercurrent of racism and xenophobia that has plagued our favorite militant vegetarian’s commentary in recent years. Still, he provides a variety of put-downs and passive-aggressive statements for nearly all situations. Click through for a treasury of his funniest, meanest, and most downright brutal statements that just might be applicable to your own life.… Read More

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Morrissey Tweets We’d Like to See

In case you haven’t already noticed the Internet going insane, here’s the news of the day: Morrissey has joined Twitter. So far he’s only tweeted once, but that hasn’t stopped us from amusing ourselves thinking up tweets we’d love to see (or, in some cases, are fully prepared to cringe over) from the man who’s started more fights over the years than pretty much anyone in the world of music. Just think of the amount of people he could have constructive discussions with! And Twitter lends itself so well to reasoned debate! What could possibly go wrong? … Read More

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Who Should Play Morrissey in the New Biopic?

Since the news broke that the team behind the Ian Curtis/Joy Division film Control may be working on another music biopic of the formidable Steven Patrick Morrissey, our absolute favorite sex idiot of music, the man behind The Smiths and immortal lyricist responsible for sulks like, “I am human and I need to be loved/ Just like anyone else does,” we haven’t been able to stop arguing about which actors out there would be fit to stuff some flowers into their back pocket while dancing. … Read More

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Heaven Knows I’m Not Miserable Now: Breaking Up With The Smiths’ Debut Album

I took the CD out of the Walkman, snapped it in half, and threw it in the trash.

There was a point in my life when one of my favorite albums elicited that reaction in me. The Smiths’ 1984 self-titled debut, particularly its third track “Miserable Lie,” played a heartbreaking role in my teen years, which I described at the time as “bleak.” They were not, in fact, bleak. But if I had to go ’round with my head in a black cloud, at least I chose the most classic of teen-angst bands to soundtrack it. That was 10 years ago, and today (February 20) The Smiths turns 30. In 25 more, I can only hope my future child finds a reflection of her own blackened soul in Moz’s crooning. … Read More

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25 Famous Tea Drinkers on Nature’s Best Beverage

Snowstorms continue to ravage the East Coast, destroying social lives and ruining shoes with rock salt. What’s the cure for the winter doldrums? Sometimes only a hot cuppa will do. We’re talking tea, of course. The cult of tea is a tight-knit bunch, and only the finest leaves will do. For tea lovers, there’s something incredibly soothing and intimate about curling up with a hot mug of infused yumminess. Here’s what 25 famous tea drinkers had to say about nature’s best beverage. … Read More

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