Cookie Lyon’s Costumes Are For Sale: Links You Need to See

Two major reasons why a TV show succeeds: viewers either want to be the people they watch on the show, or viewers already are the people they watch on the show. … Read More

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Morrissey Calls Madonna’s Career “Frightening,” Slams Brit Awards for Hosting Non-Brits

The world can only go so long without some grand proclamation from Morrissey. This week, as Billboard reports, Morrissey posted an… Read More

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Mark Kozelek’s Beef With War On Drugs Is, Above All, Smart Publicity

“The whitest band I’ve ever heard is War On Drugs,” Mark Kozelek utters over and over again in his new beef track, “War On Drugs: Suck My Cock.” With lines like this, it’s difficult to take the song too seriously; by similar standards of “whiteness” — meaning indie rock perceived as music for white music listeners — Kozelek’s Sun Kil Moon and Red House Painters aren’t far off. And Kozelek, for all his shit-slinging, must know this. … Read More

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Morrissey Underwent Cancer Treatments

Over the last year and a half, Morrissey has canceled and postponed tour dates with an alarming rate of regularity.… Read More

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50 Cultural Icons on What They Were Like as Teenagers

It’s hard out there for a teenager. It’s even kind of hard out there for those of us who used to be teenagers — especially in these back-to-school months, when the nostalgia comes creeping up like those floods we used to wear and never, ever should again. But you know who was probably even stranger than you in high school? Your favorite cultural icon. Or maybe not — as is only to be expected, some had joyful (and/or prank-filled) teenage years, some suffered tragedies, some were completely weird, some were popular, and some deserve our respect for even getting through. Click through to read 50 cultural icons on their teenage… Read More

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Morrissey: The Essential Career-Spanning Playlist

This week, Morrissey released his tenth album, World Peace Is None of Your Business. As my colleague Tom Hawking already discussed, the album wouldn’t be complete without a bevy of oh-so-Moz lines, essentially whining with an Oscar Wilde flair. But Moz also proves that after 30 years as a lyricist, he still has some new tricks up his sleeve: namely, showing off how much he reads the World section of The Guardian. … Read More

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The Most Morrissey Lyrics From Morrissey’s New Album

He’s back! Yes, pop’s most famous misanthrope, Mr. Steven Patrick Morrissey of Salford, has a new record out today. It’s called World Peace Is None of Your Business, and it finds him in as cheery a mood as ever. The album’s songs address fun topics like suicide, murder, and, worst of all, marriage, in lyrics that are quintessential Moz from start to finish. If it’s all too much, though, well, here are the most Morrissey moments of the album, summarized in a convenient list! … Read More

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The 10 Albums You Need to Hear in July

In terms of album releases, we’ve got a surprisingly lively month ahead of us, given the generally slow time of year. From Sia to Shabazz Palaces, a number of 2014’s biggest critical hits will be released in July. Let’s dig in… Read More

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9 Awful Cultural Figures Who Would Go Away If We Ignored Them

Yes, Ann Coulter wrote a ridiculous column about how the World Cup is an insult to American values, and no, I’m not going to link it here. The really remarkable thing about this whole sorry affair, which has been stinking up social media for the last couple of days, is that anyone still cares what Ann Coulter think. She’s the perfect example of someone who’s only in any way renowned because people pay attention to her for being an extremist; if people stopped giving her airtime, she would melt back into richly deserved obscurity. Like the rest of people on this list! Begone, all of you! … Read More

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