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Mind-Bending Czech Posters for American Movies

Looking at these Czech movie posters from the Terry Posters website, by way of Dangerous Minds, it’s clear that Americans are doing it wrong. We imagine filmmakers like Terry Gilliam and Alejandro Jodorowsky would approve of these kaleidoscopic designs. The ghoulish artwork for Ghostbusters makes it look like an entirely different film. Iconic film characters, such as a t-shirt-clad James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause, have been transformed into psychedelic alter egos. Most of the posters were created in the 1960s and ‘70s (though most of the films were created decades before that), which explains the technicolor palette. Take a trip, the mind-bending kind, below. … Read More

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Can You Guess the Movies Behind These Stripped-Down Posters?

We always appreciate a good guessing game, which is why French artist Madani Bendjellal’s series of retouched movie posters without their titles rates high on our quiz list this week. Bendjellal, whose work we discovered on Fubiz, leaves just a few clues for film poster fans to figure out the name of these iconic movies, based simply on the artwork. It’s a great way to highlight the illustration and photography of each poster’s design. For the advanced visual guessing gamer, some of these will be easy to uncover, but Bendjellal has thrown in a few head-scratchers for good measure. Test your inner movie geek, and guess the identity of these untitled posters. … Read More

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Fascinating Early Drafts and Alternate Versions of ‘Star Wars’ Movie Posters

There’s nothing like seeing the working versions of a soon-to-be-iconic pop culture artifact — that fascination with process is at the root of our love for studio music bootlegs, handwritten writing drafts, deleted movie scenes, and the like. The promotional images for the Star Wars movies unquestionably hold a hallowed place in film and cultural history, and they’re all beautifully reproduced in Star Wars Art: Posters, the fifth and final volume in the George Lucas-curated series. But even better are the initial pencil sketches and work-in-progress drafts of those images that fill in the gaps. Lucasfilm and publisher Abrams Books were kind enough to share a few of those rough drafts with us, along with some additional bits of alternate poster lore; check them all out after the jump. … Read More

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Exciting Posters for Cult Movie Sequels That Never Happened

The powers that be in Hollywood have been working overtime and turning the crank on the sequel machine for decades. Sometimes it’s hard not to be cynical about a part two when many movie follow-ups are made simply for the money. But what about a sequel that fans actually want? Enter iam8bit’s latest exhibition, Sequel — part tribute to the cult movies we love, part commentary on Hollywood’s obsession with sequels. Our fellow pop culture-loving friends at the West Coast gallery invited more than 40 artists to imagine movie sequels that never were. If you’ve had your fingers crossed for another Goonies, Blade Runner, or Labyrinth, then this is your happy place. We have a preview of these fictional follow-ups, below (prints will be available for purchase at iam8bit). If you’re in the Los Angeles area, RSVP today for the opening of Sequel on Thursday, November 13 at 7PM. The show runs through November 23. … Read More

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The 10 Ugliest Movie Posters of All Time

Woody Allen’s latest, Magic in the Moonlight, is out this weekend, and all of the discussion surrounding its release is good news for at least one group of people: the marketing folks who designed and approved its comically inept poster. It’s yet another example of godawful Photoshop work in movie marketing, an area already tainted by a stunning lack of originality. Click through for a closer look at Magic and a few other egregious movie poster… Read More

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The 30 Best Movie Posters of 2013

We don’t cover the movie poster beat too much around here, and for good reason: most movie posters are terrible. They seem to all traffic in the same clichés, unimaginatively slapping the biggest possible picture of their expensive stars’ heads above a title and a release date. But some films go the extra mile, taking imaginative leaps with their key art (or, often, with the alternate versions they release on the Internet for extra buzz). So let us take a moment to salute some of the more eye-catching, ingenious, and beautiful movie posters of… Read More

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Wild Vintage Posters from Classic Roger Corman Drive-In Movies

Chris Nashawaty’s wonderful new book Crab Monsters, Teenage Cavemen, and Candy Stripe Nurses is an homage to the “King of the B Movie”: Roger Corman, whose cheapo productions for American International Pictures and his own New World outfit, aimed squarely at drive-in and grindhouses, provided not only thrills for movie-goers but opportunities for countless young filmmakers looking for their first break. Nashawaty’s book (out now) is an affectionate tribute to the producer/director, an oral history with contributions by Corman and the many actors, directors, and technicians he employed. But it’s also a handsome coffee-table volume showcasing the distinctive art of these textbook exploitation movies, in which the marketing campaign was often devised before the script was even written. After the jump, we’ve selected ten of our favorite vintage Corman posters, accompanied by explanatory captions from the book. … Read More

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Surprising Early, Alternate Versions of Iconic Movie Posters

Movie posters, as we’ve discussed before, are a tricky business, and a great movie poster must serve many functions: it must capture the essence of a movie, it must be aesthetically pleasing or interesting in itself, and it must sell the product in question. Unsurprisingly, the quest for that balance can result in reworking, re-imagining, and revisions galore, which is why the new Daybees online exhibit The Iconic Movie Posters That Never Were is so fascinating. In it, the designers behind some of Hollywood’s most memorable posters share their early drafts and alternate versions of classic posters; check them out after the jump, alongside the final drafts that became part of movie history, and visit Daybees to learn more about their creators. … Read More

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The Dirtiest Movie Posters of All Time [NSFW]

Late last week, the Internet collectively furrowed its brow, cocked its head sideways a bit, and then issued a unanimous “Ohhhh” and turned a little red before quickly closing the tab window as Lars von Trier unleashed the dirty/artsy poster for his latest film, the two-part, LaBeouf-enabling, unsimulated-sex epic Nymphomaniac. But how do Von Trier parenthetical genitals stack up against the cinema’s naughtier one-sheets? A roundup of some of the dirtiest movie posters to date after the jump. … Read More

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Wonderfully Geeky Pop Culture-Inspired Posters for NASA Expeditions

Points of primary interest aside, pop culture geeks and science geeks have a lot in common (let’s admit it: we all spent a lot of high school-era Saturday nights not on dates), so it’s nice to see that our interests can occasionally intersect. You see, whenever NASA sends an expedition to the International Space Station, they make a poster for said mission as part of their “Space Flight Awareness” program. On the early expeditions, these posters were pretty much what you’d expect: space-suited astronauts looking heroic, against a backdrop of a launching Space Shuttle or Planet Earth, with maybe a waving American flag thrown in for good measure. But about 16 missions in, they started getting inventive — making posters in the mold of famous movie advertising or aping pop culture imagery. Check out our favorites after the jump, and enjoy all of their posters to date (and some fascinating facts about the expeditions) on NASA’s site. … Read More

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