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Wanted: Retro '2001: A Space Odyssey' Ad Posters

Whether or not you believe 2001: A Space Odyssey is essential viewing, it’s hard not to appreciate the gorgeous retro-futurist design that sets the stage for Stanley Kubrick’s interplanetary head trip. Justin Van Genderen, who has already endeared himself to sci-fi-loving aesthetes with a series of Star Wars-inspired travel posters, has created a pair of ads for 2001‘s Orion III space plane and cinema’s most unforgettable computer, HAL 9000. Although these posters don’t seem to be on sale yet, you can buy reasonably priced prints of Van Genderen’s earlier work at Imagekind and Etsy. … Read More

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Alamo Drafthouse’s Cool New “Rolling Roadshow” Posters

Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse, arguably the greatest movie theater in the country, has spent the last couple of summers taking their show on the road, as it were, with the “Rolling Roadshow” series — classic movies shown for free in relevant settings, like last summer’s screenings of The Blues Brothers in Joliet, Illinois and Dirty Harry in San Francisco’s Washington Square Park. This year, they’re staying in Texas (though still taking their films out to their shooting locations). How, then, are those of us in the other 49 expected to enjoy the series? Well, we can enjoy the very cool custom posters designed for the series by artist Jason Munn. Check out all ten after the jump. … Read More

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Gallery: Film on Paper’s Crazy, Rare, Vintage Movie Posters

One of the many joys of the internet is that it caters to the hobbyist and obsessive in all of us, although admittedly few of us go to the lengths to which one Eddie Shannon, a UK-based designer, has gone with his pet obsession: film posters. Shannon has photographed all 1,500 of his movie posters and published them via his website, Film on Paper. Each poster has multiple detail shots as well as a heap of information about both poster and film. There’s some weird and wonderful artwork to be seen – apart from the instantly recognizable posters we’ve all seen a million times, Shannon also has a bunch of rare and often bizarre artwork for familiar films, along with crazy posters for films we’ve never heard of. We’ve selected a few of our favorite pieces of strangeness after the jump. … Read More

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Gallery: Polish Movie Posters for American Westerns

You may think Westerns are a wholly American phenomenon, but it turns out that foreign interpretations look pretty good too. Our pals over at the Rumpus turned us on to these amazing Polish posters for American Westerns created during the Communist era, and it’s fascinating to see these familiar, classic films considered and advertised in a completely strange and often seemingly incongruent way. Click here to see even more of these gorgeous posters, and if you still haven’t had enough, be sure to check out the book from which they hail, Western Amerykanski: Polish Poster Art and the Western. … Read More

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A Movie A Month, Redesigned, at Silver Screen Society

As you’ve perhaps noticed, we love to showcase the clever graphic artists who are revisiting classic films (from the distant and more recent past) and creating new posters with a more inventive bent than your typical studio one-sheet. The folks at Silver Screen Society have taken what they call a “book club” approach, selecting a film each month for their collective of designers and friends to take a crack at. The results are inventive, stimulating, and fun. It’s a fairly new site; they began in February, tackling 28 Days Later, followed by I Heart Huckabees in March, The Third Man in April, and O Brother, Where Art Thou? this month. We’ve selected some of our favorites after the jump; you can check out the growing collection on their Tumblr. … Read More

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Judging Countries By Their Covers: East vs. West Movie Posters

A couple weeks back, we took a side-by-side look at the US and UK book jackets for several of our favorite books to see if you could, indeed, judge a country by its covers. Then we got to thinking about the posters that different countries attach to American films that make their way to their shores; there’s plenty of classic Hollywood advertising iconography out there, but more often than not, studio marketing departments play it very safe when they’re advertising their movies (simple designs, big pictures of actors’ faces, etc.). Independent artists and designers are having quite a bit of fun nowadays taking an artier pass at classic movies’ posters, but what about foreign distributors? We recently stumbled upon Cruzine’s brief history of the film posters of Poland and Czechoslovakia, complete with wonderful examples. Join us after the jump to check out how the East saw the films of the West, and which designs we prefer. … Read More

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Gallery: Dan Sherratt’s Gorgeous Posters for Great Films

UK illustrator Dan Sherratt is one of the most gifted of the current crop of graphic artists who are bringing modern tools and concepts to the movie poster format, creating eye-catching new art for classic pictures and modern favorites. The prolific artist posts regularly at and at his own Shop Reworking Titles blog, in addition to being a featured artist at Reelizer. Dan’s latest series really caught our eye: it’s an inventive trio of posters for the films of Christopher Nolan. Check them out after the jump, along with some of our other favorites from Sherratt’s sites. … Read More

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Gallery: Movie Posters from an Alternate, Superior Universe

Somewhere out there, in the cosmos, there’s a universe far better than ours. It’s a place where Russ Meyer directs Marilyn Monroe and John Wayne in Kill Bill and Ronald Reagan stars as Big Brother in 1984, where Angelina Jolie takes the role of Little Alex in A Clockwork Orange and the cast of John Frankenheimer’s Watchmen includes Lenny Bruce, Peter Fonda, and Brigitte Bardot. In this faraway Valhalla, Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall helm a film adaptation of Futurama, directed by Tim Burton.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the technology to travel there. But a brave soul named Sean Hartter has somehow gotten his hands on some its dispatches — and he’s selling them for pretty reasonable prices! Check out a gallery of Hartter’s alternate-universe movie posters after the jump. … Read More

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Wanted: Movie Posters Inspired by Famous Film Fashion

They say the clothes make the man, but sometimes the clothes make the movie. Dress the Part is an awesome set of movie posters based on famous film characters’ iconic style choices. The minimalist posters were designed by Moxy Creative, with illustrations by James Alexander Mathers and Andrew Lau. Have a favorite? You can buy prints at Moxy Creative. Click through to take a look — you’ll be surprised how many you’ll recognize right off the bat thanks to a few sartorial clues. … Read More

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Artists Go Hollywood: Movie Poster Mock-Ups

Courtesy of artist Tim McCool at our blogfriend Hyperallergic comes a wishlist of artist biopics, complete with mash-up movie posters. They are amazing, and not just because we are on-the-record art history nerds. Pollock was worthy Oscar bait, Vermeer-vehicle Girl with the Pearl Earring was less so, and hey! Anyone remember Basquiat? That wasn’t bad. But what if Meryl Streep co-starred with squiggly glass artist Dale Chihuly in a riff on Julia & Julia? Yes. Just, yes. Click through to see McCool’s artiest film imaginings and give us your best suggestions for other movies in the comments.… Read More

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