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Exquisite Photos of Grandiose Movie Palaces

Streaming services like Netflix and HBO GO make it tempting to skip the movie theater (and the annoying talkers that come with it) and stay at home to watch am good film. There are cinemas that still make the moviegoing experience worthwhile. The Alamo Drafthouse’s staunch no talking or texting policy and deelish menu are appealing, but if you’re looking for a place with history, you really can’t beat these stunning California cinemas. Franck Bohbot, one of our frequently featured photographers, captured the old Hollywood elegance and grandiose architecture of movie theaters around the Los Angeles area. “Reflecting on the memories of the golden age of Hollywood, it gives the feeling that there is no such place like a movie theater to celebrate the birth of film from an artist,” Bohbot writes. Travel back in time, and visit these gorgeous old cinema houses. … Read More

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Film Critic Who Called 911 on Cell Phone User: “I Realize My Mistake”

Press and industry screenings (or “P&Is,” as they’re commonly dubbed) are standard practice at film festivals, and are fairly simple affairs: an opportunity for media and industry types to view festival films away from the hustle and crowds of packed public screenings. Trouble is, the two halves of the P&I equation are often at odds in those screening rooms: press people are there to view and (usually) write about the films, and are thus looking for a distraction-free movie-watching experience, while industry types are “working,” which can apparently translate to spending much of the movie staring into the light of a smartphone. Yesterday, at the Toronto International Film Festival, a film blogger decided he’d had enough, and did the only logical thing: he called the police. Wait, what? … Read More

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Sorry, But Movie Theater Texters Aren’t Victims

“In any scenario of regressive resistance to cultural challenges, the responses usually cover a few common themes,” writes the usually sensible blogger Anil Dash, and those responses pop up “all the time, whether it’s for arguing why women should not wear pants, or defending slavery, or trying to preserve a single meaning for the word ‘ironic’, or fighting marriage equality, or claiming rap isn’t ‘real’ music, or in any other time when social conservatives want to be oppressive assholes to other people.” Holy cow, what’s he on about? Raising the minimum wage? A woman’s right to choose? The right to privacy? Not quite. Mr. Dash’s at-this-moment equivalent to slavery apologists are those who would rather moviegoers STFU and put their phones away for two hours, and no, somehow, I’m not making this up. … Read More

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The Most Beautiful Movie Theaters in America

If you haven’t noticed, we’re quite the bunch of architecture nerds here at Flavorwire, never missing an opportunity to feast our eyes on the most beautiful libraries, bookstores, opera houses, you name it. We’ve cast our eyes across America before looking for the best movie theaters in the land (we did it twice, actually) — but that search was more about the overall experience, with history and programming as important (if not more) than physical beauty. Just for fun, we decided to take another look, with an eye on pure aesthetics: what are the most beautiful movie theaters in the country? Several spaces on the previous lists qualified, but we decided to eliminate repetition; we also limited ourselves to venues that show films on at least a semi-regular basis (many gorgeous former movie houses now only showcase live events). Check out our top ten after the jump, and tell us more in the comments. … Read More

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19 Former New York City Movie Palaces — And What They Are Now

Hundreds of movie theaters have come and gone in New York City since the grand era of movie palaces and 25-cent matinées. While many have sadly been entirely demolished or lie in ruin, others remain hidden in plain sight, now repurposed as a Starbucks, a Modell’s, or… another Modell’s. Scattered around the city are dozens of movie theaters that are living a second life as a chain store, a church, or a gym. Their marquees may be stripped and their interiors mostly gutted, but the outlines of an old theater can still be seen if you know where to look. Here are a few New York City buildings that started out their lives as movie theaters and have survived to accommodate the city’s needs for more Modell’s.
… Read More

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Bizarre Movie Theaters from All Over the World

Last month, we took a look at some of the oddest-looking libraries from around the world, continuing our fascination with strange places to get our cultural fix. We’ve previously run down the best movie theaters in the world — but what about the strangest? So we scoured the Internet for unexpected yet wonderful locations where owners and programmers have converted, preserved, or augmented the moviegoing experience in unusual ways. Check out what we found after the jump — and if we’ve missed any good ones, make sure to let us know in the comments. … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we read a few famous last texts. We enjoyed BuzzFeed’s response to McSweeney’s parody of their website. We read Silent Drape Runners’ text review of Katy Perry’s film Part of Me. We watched an opera performance where the libretto was created entirely from the captions of… Read More

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The Most Unconventional Movie Theaters in the World

Ingrid Bergman, the Swedish actress most known for her role in Casablanca opposite our favorite dashing, silver screen legend, Humphrey Bogart, believed that “no form of art goes beyond ordinary consciousness as film does, straight to our emotions, deep into the twilight of the soul.”

There’s nothing we love more than a good romp beyond ordinary consciousness into the infinite depths of our soul, and the minds behind these unconventional cinematic experiences obviously agree. As imaginative, quirky and sublimely romantic as the films they play, these inventive theaters might just change the way you’ll want to see movies forever.

From a network of unauthorized cinemas in the catacombs beneath Paris to a rehabilitated vintage mobile caravan to a floating theater in an idyllic blue lagoon, click through to check out the most amazing places in the world to see a movie. Which would you most like to experience? … Read More

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The Forgotten Movie Theaters of Upper Manhattan

Editor’s note: This post by Benjamin Waldman originally appeared on Untapped Cities, a Flavorwire partner site.

Upper Broadway, which has been called that “ignored stretch of Manhattan,” contains the remains of a number of former movie theaters from the golden age of the silver screen. While none of these buildings are currently utilized as movie theaters, their facades (and a few of their interiors) serve as reminders to their prior uses. Their conditions, both interior and exterior, range from abandoned to restored and are representative of many of the city’s old theaters. Walking down Broadway from Washington Heights to the Upper West Side I encountered these theaters some of which were instantly recognizable as such by their architecture, while others I only discovered were theaters during the course of writing this article. The theaters are arranged from North to South, as I passed them on my walk, beginning with B. S. Moss’ former Coliseum Theatre at 181st Street and Broadway and culminating with the former RKO 81st Street Theater at 81st Street and Broadway. … Read More

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Readers’ Choice: More of the Best Movie Theaters in America

As much as we would’ve welcomed it, we unfortunately had neither the time nor budget to visit every theater in America to fully research our post last week on the best movie theaters in the country; instead, we relied on our own experience and the testimonials of friends and colleagues. “If we left off your favorite,” went the conclusion of the introduction, “we’re certain you’ll let us know in the comments.”

Did you ever. As of this morning, our fine, far-flung readers had suggested 63 additional theaters, so a follow-up seemed in order. Of course, lists are finite, so not all could make the cut; we began by focusing on the houses that received multiple mentions and narrowed from there — again, based either on the quality of presentation, the eclecticism of the programming, or both.

“Writing a list of this type,” wrote commenter Kent Schuelke, “of course raises the hackles of fans of theaters that did not make the list, but I think everyone who bothers to read the comments section of this article is likely a movie fan so I am simply pleased to see so much love for not only the 12 theaters mentioned in the article but also the ones mentioned in these comments.” Hear, hear. Check out our amended list (13 more, for a grand total of 25) after the jump. … Read More

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