Seven Ways to Love San Francisco’s Museums

Far from the stuffy, sterile elitism that the word “museum” traditionally evokes, San Francisco is home to some of the most vibrant, interactive and – dare we say? – fun museums around. For decades, SF’s museums have focused on accessible engagement with art, science, discovery and history. The recent closing of the Museum of Craft and Folk Art inspired us here at Flavorpill SF to look hard at the treasure trove of cultural life our museums offer every day. As with all accessible art and culture, museum exhibits and programming are possible only through patronage. Of course, we encourage you (and remind ourselves) to integrate a habit of visiting our local museums regularly, just to surround yourself with art or to sit and breathe – but sometimes it’s helpful to have a particular reason to go, too.

So here are seven reasons to visit our museums and pay a little love. From cocktails to food trucks to priceless masterpieces, San Francisco’s museums have got it goin’ on. … Read More

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Photos of Museumgoers More Interesting Than the Artworks on Display

Milan photographer Alberto Bernasconi captured art lovers in various museums across the world. There are no gimmicks — viewers are photographed simply gazing at art, walking through galleries and museum halls, or interacting with exhibits. Bernasconi, however, renders them as fascinating components in the frame of his lens and within the space of each gallery. The way they see and are seen suddenly changes everything, making them part of the artwork on the walls and pedestals. A new installation is born. See how Bernasconi transforms museumgoers into compelling works of art in our gallery. … Read More

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11 of the Most Beautiful Museum Libraries in the World

We’ve shown you many beautiful libraries from around the world, and we’ve shown you some of the most fantastic museums, as well — so what about gorgeous museum libraries? Well, because many museum libraries are strictly utilitarian, meant for easy browsing and not necessarily planned to be easy on the eyes. That said, some standouts manage to be both, and since we’re always on the lookout for lovely architecture, preferably lovely architecture that incorporates books, we thought we’d round a few of them up for you here. After the jump, check out 11 of the most beautiful museum libraries from around the world, and as ever, let us know if we missed your favorite in the comments. … Read More

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How to Fake Like You Know About Art

New episodes of USA Network’s White Collar — our favorite series that follows the exploits of a con man’s (Matt Bomer) adjunct assignment with an FBI Special Agent (Tim DeKay) — are right around the corner. To get in the mood for more forgeries and billion-dollar heists, we devised our own cheat sheet to help you fake it with the best of them. If you can’t tell your Post-Impressionist painters from classical Greek sculpture, you can master the art of deception with our guide to the classics. Fake your way through the world’s greatest museums, meet the first Renaissance men, and find out the difference between Monet and Manet after the jump. … Read More

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The 20 Most Beautiful Museums in the World

[Editor’s note: It’s Labor Day, so your devoted Flavorwire team is taking a break. To keep you entertained, we’re leaving you with our most popular features of the summer months. This post originally ran July 7th.]
This week, we were blown away by this gorgeous concept for a “spiral garden museum” in Taipei, which sadly didn’t make it into the final round of the design competition and thus will never become a reality. Though we’re disappointed, the project reminded us of the gloriously beautiful museums that already exist in our wide world, so to bind our wounds over the Taipei garden museum (and to indulge in a little architecture candy) we’ve collected twenty of the most lovely here. After all, what better way to store and display some of the world’s greatest artwork than in a structure as well-designed and beautiful as the art itself? Click through to see our picks for the most beautiful museums from all over the world, and if we’ve missed your favorite — or if the Guggenheim makes you gag — let us know which ones you’d choose in the comments! … Read More

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10 Truly Bizarre Museums Around the World

Las Vegas is now home to the Mob Museum. The cultural ode to organized crime opened its doors on February 14, marking the 83rd anniversary of Chicago’s St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. Gang wars erupted in the Illinois state in 1929, leading to the murder of seven mob associates. Now you can learn about it all, up close and personal in Sin City — a place with its own history of mob ties. Exhibits include a revolver found at the site of the famous massacre and the barber chair, in which 1950’s mobster Albert Anastasia was assassinated. In order to keep things accurate, the museum staffs former FBI agents, former police officers, historians, and other experts. The Mob Museum isn’t the only offbeat institution, of course. We’ve found a few other bizarrely fascinating museums around the world that easily rival it. Find out what other exhibition spaces we raised our eyebrows at past the break. Tell us the places you’ve been to below. … Read More

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LACMA Plans to Create a Film Museum

Good news for film history lovers! The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (the group responsible for the Oscars) has struck up a deal with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art to create a film museum in its newest building, a former May Company store now known as “LACMA West.” While… Read More

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Visit the Annie Lennox Exhibition at V&A

When a living artist gets a museum exhibition whose sole purpose is to honor her life, she’s a pretty big deal. Not that Annie Lennox needs any reminder of that. Known for her vocal work both as part of the Tourists and the Eurythmics and her out-there, androgynous personal style as well as her humanitarian efforts, Lennox is a legend in our time, and certainly has been a serious influence on the pop stars of today. Accordingly, London’s Victoria and Albert Museum is honoring her with an exhibit entitled The House of Annie Lennox, which opened this week and will run through February. The exhibit will feature never-before-seen photographs of Lennox’s life, as well as a selection of her well-known costumes, personal artifacts and awards. Click through to see a sneak peek of a few of the items on display and awash yourself in music history. … Read More

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Nerd Alert: Museum of Math to Open in New York

We’ve got MoMA, MoCA, even MoSex. Now, prepare yourself for the museum geeks only dared to dream of: MoMath. Conceived after a small mathematics museum on Long Island closed and funded in part by a generous grant from Google, New York’s MoMath is the pet project of former hedge-fund analyst Glen Whitney. Its ambitious… Read More

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How Not to Be a Jerk in an Art Museum

If we’re being honest, visiting an art museum can be a pretty anxiety-ridden experience. Don’t get us wrong, there are too many good things about museums to count, but one less frequently romanticized aspect of going to one is simply knowing how to act. Do we stand there and stroke our chins along with the solemn stalwarts? Chatter and show a detached apathy along with the hip 20-somethings? Maybe it’s just us, but finding a place for ourselves among the art objects and their admirers is actually a lot trickier than most people will let on.

So, instead of drowning in self-consciousness, we’re taking a note from a Paper Monument piece this morning by codifying some art museum behavioral dos and don’ts for the modern age, Emily Post style. We’re hoping MoMA’s gift shop will start selling these bad boys by the end of the year. … Read More

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