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Music Video Sex Scenes That Will Scar You for Life

This week, Adan Jodorowsky (aka Adanowsky), son of cult film maestro Alejandro Jodorowsky, released his extremely NSFW music video featuring cat faces, crucifixes, and sex with adult film actress and writer Stoya. Blending an ‘80s-style vibe with some pornier “Je t’aime… moi non plus” murmurings, “Would You Be Mine” has a surrealistic tone that might spook the uninitiated. Jodorowsky’s freaky music video is hardly alone. Just like those movie sex scenes we wish we could forget, here are ten music video sex scenes that have embedded themselves into our mind grapes and won’t be leaving any time soon. … Read More

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Björk’s MoMA Retrospective: When Technology Fails Innovation

Tuesday morning, at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, I found myself standing a few feet away from someone clad in a black cactus costume. Its face was covered, and thus it took me a minute to realize the cactus was Björk. Situated in a room custom-designed for the occasion (6,000 soundproofing cones covered the walls and ceiling),the Icelandic icon introduced her new MoMA-commissioned piece, the short film “Black Lake.” “I’m very grateful that Klaus [Biesenbach] convinced me to do this exhibition,” Björk timidly announced, referencing the 12 years it took MoMA’s curator at large to snag her for an exhibition. “It’s been quite a journey, and a close relationship that I’m really grateful… Read More

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Miley Cyrus Enters Bangerz Tour Video in NYC Porn Festival

Miley Cyrus is entering her bondage-themed tour video in the first ever Pornhub-organized NYC Porn Film Festival.

The video first… Read More

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The History of the World in 15 Music Videos

Even before the advent of videos, pop music did a decent job of educating the youth. As Bruce Springsteen sang on “No Surrender,” he and his fellow baby boomers “learned more from a three-minute record” than they ever did in school. The Boss is a sharp guy, but had he come of age in the MTV era, he’d be about a hundred times smarter. … Read More

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A Guide to All the Gratuitous Product Placement in Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” Video

Nicki Minaj and her team deserve a Clio Award for the ad they just made for asses. But the “Anaconda” video also serves as an advertisement for many other products, some of them officially linked with Minaj and others that may signal new deals. Let’s delve in. … Read More

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How the Hell Did Lady Gaga Think Her ‘Do What U Want’ Video Was OK?

By now you’ve likely seen clips from a certain music video that are floating around online. A female pop star is lying down on an operating table, presumably naked under a white sheet. Her doctor, looking as club-ready as a surgeon gets, reaches under the sheet. She moans at his touch, and he notes that the medicine must be kicking in. Soon she is passed out, at which point a gaggle of women wearing discount-store slutty nurse costumes come into frame. The nurses party around and on top of the unconscious pop star in a most ostentatious manner while the doctor watches. At one point cooked lobsters are waved like puppets amidst her limp limbs, while a tower of shrimp hovers near her exposed breast. Another nurses mounts the singer’s lifeless body and humps her in a cartoon jack-rabbit way, easily a foot separating their genitals. Meanwhile, the singer, seemingly off in a dream, is writhing around in a dress made of tabloid clippings, in a room wallpapered in more press rumors. A photographer is there, shooting her as she poses, eventually in nothing more than loose newspaper pages. At one point she humps the air for little reason at all. … Read More

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The “NSFW” Trend Is Killing Music Video Creativity

It starts innocently enough, with a roomful of satisfied concertgoers chanting for “one more song” and a yellow smiley-face flag fluttering against a clear blue sky.

Then things get dark — literally and figuratively — as the sun goes down and the drums kick in. Suddenly, together Pangea’s “Offer” video shifts to the debauched world of nightclubs and hotel after-parties, and at 1:10, right before the LA garage trio starts shotgunning Buds, a girl goes wild, as those DVDs used to say, and flashes her breasts. … Read More

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