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Kathleen Hanna Collaborating with… Mykki Blanco?

2014: the year of the potentially awesome Kathleen Hanna collaboration! First there was the news that she was working with Miley… Read More

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The 5 Best Songs We Heard This Week: Nine Inch Nails, Sun Kil Moon

It’s Friday, which means your humble correspondent is kinda excited because he’s about to go on vacation for two weeks, and also that it’s time to survey the best new listening of the week gone by. This week seemed to be all about remixes — perhaps the most fascinating is an old, previously unreleased Coil remix of Nine Inch Nails, but there’s also Factory Floor taking on Wild Beasts, which is similarly interesting. Apart from these, there’s also a beautiful new Sun Kil Moon song, Mykki Blanco’s new single, and some claustrophobic electronic brooding from The Soft Moon. All this is streaming for precisely no money, so click through and start listening! … Read More

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Exclusive Photo Gallery: Afropunk 2013

This weekend, one of Flavorwire’s very favorite festivals returned to New York City for another year — the annual Afropunk Fest! This year’s event was at Commodore Barry Park in downtown Brooklyn, and saw a bunch of thoroughly excellent performances, including a special guest spot by Dead Prez, the return to NYC of the prodigal Mykki Blanco, precocious Brooklyn three-piece Unlocking the Truth, and a killer Saturday slot from Saul Williams. Our photographer Darlene Phan was on site to capture all the action, so click through to click out our exclusive gallery of photos from the wekeend. … Read More

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20 Great Albums You Can (Legally) Download for Free Right Now

David Byrne and St. Vincent have followed up their excellent Love This Giant album from last year with a new EP entitled Brass Tactics. Apart from the fact that it contains a previously unreleased track, the most notable thing about the EP is that they’re giving it away for free, making it the latest addition to an ever-increasing volume of music that you can download — legally! — for free right now. There’s so much, in fact, that it’s kind of overwhelming. Here’s a selection of 20 records that Flavorwire recommends you add to your collection right… Read More

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The 10 Best New Songs We Heard This Week: Deerhunter, Mykki Blanco

It’s Friday afternoon, which means that we’re off to see a celebrity psychic in a few hours (no, really), and also that we’re going back through all the new music we heard over the last few days to pick out our ten favorite tracks of the week. This week we warmed slowly to the new Deerhunter single, took substantially less time to love the new Mykki Blanco track, thoroughly enjoyed BEAK> covering Pink Floyd, got all woozy to Maria Minerva, discovered Manics-sampling pop from Istanbul, remembered why we liked Balam Acab, and more. All these tracks await you — get streaming and/or downloading, readers! … Read More

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Notable New Yorkers’ Cultural Resolutions for 2013

Now that Christmas is nothing more than a pile of shredded wrapping paper and tinsel on the floor of your family’s living room, ’tis the season to think about how we can make slightly less of a mess of things in the year ahead. That’s right: New Year’s resolutions. Of course, here at Flavorwire, we’re not so interested in your plan to get ripped or reconnect with your middle-school best friend. Our favorite resolutions are of the cultural variety — and who better to ask about those than 50 of New York’s most promising emerging culture makers? We hope their compelling, diverse, and sometimes humorous resolutions will inspire you to make some of your very own. … Read More

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50 Up-and-Coming New York Culture Makers to Watch in 2013

New York in 2012 may be a city that runs on money, but, contrary to all economic logic, it remains a city whose character is equally defined by the art it creates. Artists — by which we also mean artisans, writers, musicians, filmmakers, actors, designers, chefs, dancers, comedians, and makers of all kinds — and the entrepreneurs and curators who support them still populate the city by the thousands, maintaining its status as the creative capitol of the United States. … Read More

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Flavorpill’s Favorite Bands from CMJ 2012

We survived! The CMJ Music Marathon is over for another year — five days and about 500 bands later, we’re back on the couch and promising never to leave it again. But still, for all that we’re pretty much exhausted now, CMJ was a great week. As ever, we ran around down, drank too much, and saw more bands than we care to remember. And as ever, just as we were about to give up on the whole thing, we’d stumble across a band that made it all worthwhile. So here’s a selection of the best acts that our crack Flavorpill CMJ team — Judy Berman, Tom Hawking, and Sophie Weiner — saw this time around. Whose sets did you enjoy, gentle readers? … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we watched the new Mykki Blanco video directed by Francesco Carrozzini. We talked about pop culture’s summer vacation. We were floored by this ballpoint pen portrait, which looks amazingly real. We were surprised by the deadliest occupation in this interesting infographic. We learned … Read More

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