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Incredible Nail Art Photos From ‘Nails: The Story of the Modern Manicure’

In Nails: The Story of the Modern Manicure, writer Suzanne E. Shapiro explores why we paint our nails, exploring the trends, art, and traditions that have gone into the long history of women adorning their hands. By showing how we decorate our hands, in both fashion shots and vintage photography, the book sheds a light on what women tell the world through their nails. Here are some of our favorite photos from the definitive look at nail culture. … Read More

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Brilliant and Bizarre Nail Art Inspired by Internet Memes

Running out of nail art ideas? If so, don’t be a Grumpy Cat — why not Zoidberg? Over the past year, we’ve brought you everything from literature-inspired nail art to artist-inspired nail art to comic-inspired nail art. Now, because we’re in the mood to paint “all the” nails, it’s time to bring you a selection of nail art inspired by your favorite Internet/Reddit sensations. Check ’em out after the jump, and hit the comments to let us know which Rage Face best suits your thoughts. … Read More

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Stylish Nail Art Inspired by Book Covers

One of the greatest pleasures of Tumblr — now officially one of America’s top ten most-trafficked websites — is the surprisingly frequent opportunity it offers to stumble upon a blog that seems to have been made just for you. Our latest such discovery, one of our all-time favorites, is Pages and Polish. Run by a literature lover named Jen, the Tumblr documents manicures inspired by the design of book covers. The source material ranges from classic novels to contemporary lit to cookbooks and art monographs. Click through to see some of the blog’s greatest hits so far — we’ve got our eye on those sparkly, Art Deco Blind Assassin nails for New Year’s z- and follow Pages and Polish to make sure you don’t miss a post. … Read More

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The 25 Craziest Works of Halloween Nail Art We’ve Ever Seen

Now that nail art has taken over the world — and, most importantly, the Internet — there are nails for every occasion: Christmas, Thanksgiving, your third cousin’s Bar Mitzvah, your former co-worker’s Graceland destination wedding. But no holiday inspires the nail art world like Halloween. Whether it’s tiny renderings of horror movie villains, nails painted to look like zombie claws, or a 3D press-on set called “fierce black cats and brains on crack,” there’s plenty of scary — and scarily elaborate — Halloween nail art out there. We’ve spent longer than we’d like to admit scouring the web for the best examples, and our 25 favorite designs are below. … Read More

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Alice Bartlett’s Whimsical Fingernail Landscapes

We’ve seen a lot of pretty awesome nail art in our day — from literary nails to musical manicures to Twin Peaks on your fingers — but Alice Bartlett’s adorable 3-D nail pastorals might just take the cake. For these clever manicures, which we recently spotted over at Lost at E Minor, Bartlett used miniature figures and what looks like astroturf to create a handful of movable scenes, her characters perched on perfect grassy knolls. While we can’t imagine that a manicure like this would be very practical in day to day life — imagine the tiny-person carnage the first time you tried to open a can of soda — we absolutely love the idea. Click through to check out Bartlett’s picnic-worthy nails, and then head over to her Flickr to see more of her photography. … Read More

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15 Great Works of Literature-Inspired Nail Art

Earlier this week, we discovered a set of lovely golden Lord of the Rings-inspired nails over at io9, and we have to admit that we’ve been daydreaming about our perfect literary dream manicures ever since. After all, we’ve already gushed over (and failed at trying to replicate) these awesome Twin Peaks nails, so it’s only fair we give a little love to the literary side of fingernail-based super-fandom. Because if you’re serious about being a literary nerd, why not extend your love of books to the very tools that let you turn the pages and proclaim your great taste in reading material to the world all at once? Click through to get inspired by a few of our favorite works of literary nail art, and let us know which books you’re dying to have at your fingertips in the comments! … Read More

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Is This the World’s First Nail Art Animation?

We wouldn’t normally repost a car commercial on the site, but this stop-motion clip for Kia’s 2012 Picanto is one of the coolest ads that we’ve seen in very a long time. And it should be. The 73 second spot reportedly took 25 days and nights of continuous fingernail painting — and a whopping 1,200 bottles of nail polish! — to complete. That is, if you believe that it’s real. A few commenters over on The Daily What, point out that are some indications that it could be a computer animation. Either way, we think that it’s pretty, and definitely worth taking the time to check it out. … Read More

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Pic of the Day: Awesome ‘Twin Peaks’ Nail Art

Flavorwire’s books editor, Kathleen Massara, has pointed us to some fantastic Twin Peaks nail art by her pal in Portland, OR. We love the character portraits and “damn fine” coffee and pie, but our favorite nail is definitely the one with the notorious red curtain and zig-zag floor. In fact, we’d probably be… Read More

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Nail Art Goes High Art

Is it just us, or is nail art — from geeky to stylish to just plain weird — everywhere these days? While we’re not usually motivated to go above and beyond our customary, single-color home manicures, we have great respect for those who take the time (or enlist a pro) to do something different. In fact, nail artists the world over — especially the folks at London’s WAH Nails and participants in NAILS magazine‘s Mini-Masterpiece contest — are recreating high-art masterpieces, using fingertips and acrylics alike as a tiny canvas. After the jump, we round up some of our favorite designs, from Picasso’s Desmoiselles d’Avignon to Munch’s The Scream. … Read More

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