Nancy Meyers

‘The Intern’ Is ‘Lean In,’ Delivered by the Patriarchy


There’s a telling moment in the final third of Nancy Meyers’ latest glossy, whitewashed comedy, The Intern. Lounging in luxe robes, sipping tea, and bingeing on snacks from a hotel minibar, a fashion and tech entrepreneur named Jules (Anne Hathaway) and her new “senior intern”/grandpa figure Ben (Robert De Niro), have a heart-to-heart about her work-life balance. Can she have it all?
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20 Overlooked Romantic Comedies From the Last Two Decades


Earlier this week, New York magazine’s Bilge Ebiri and David Edelstein ranked the top 25 romantic comedies that have come out since 1989’s When Harry Met Sally…, which, one could argue, set the standard for contemporary romantic comedies. Since every list of this sort inspires arguments and nitpicks, I thought I’d go ahead and take the bait. Here are 20 great films that were sadly …Read More