Awe-Inspiring Photos of a Polish Forest from a Bird’s-Eye View

Award-winning artist Kacper Kowalski, who we discovered on Beautiful/Decay, is a devoted pilot and photographer who takes aerial pictures of his native Poland. The majestic forests of the Central European country are the subject of his series Polish Autumn. The rich palette of the season and gorgeous natural forms of the forest landscape are abstracted by Kowalski’s bird’s-eye lens. Forests cover around 30% of the land, and the country has a fascinating history of woodsmen and their families who have forged their own customs, dialect, and unique dress living in Poland’s most remote locations. Kowalski’s images invite viewers to imagine a world beyond the trees. … Read More

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Chilly Photos from the Coldest Village on Earth

The next time you start complaining about the cold, think of these photos from Amos Chapple who documented the Russian village of Oymyakon. The rural locale has one of the lowest recorded temperatures for any permanently inhabited spot on Earth. According to the Daily Mail, due to Oymyakon’s subarctic temperature, residents are unable to grow food, so they live off reindeer, horsemeat, and fish. Meanwhile, digging a grave for a funeral in Oymyakon can take up to three days, because the ground is permanently frozen. And you can forget about turning your car off. Most locals leave them running, otherwise it can be impossible to start them again. “Oymyakon’s lowest recorded temperature is -67.7°C (-90°F) in 1933 while the average for January is -50°C (-60°F),” reports Beautiful/Decay. Chapple captured the desolate beauty of the Oymyakon landscape during his brave excursion. … Read More

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10 Stunning Mountain House Getaways

Nothing makes us want to cozy up and settle in like a long winter. Facing the cold months ahead, we’re dreaming of a rustic place to call home for the snowy season — somewhere far away, with a fantastic view and nothing but nature. These mountain house getaways offer just that, boasting stunning architecture and interior design. Picture yourself with a warm drink, a good book, and charming company, and browse these fantasy mountain retreats. … Read More

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Haunting Photos That Imagine the Effects of Our Freshwater Crisis

National Geographic reports that although nearly 70% of the world is covered by water, our freshwater supply accounts for only 2.5% of that amount. “In essence, only 0.007 percent of the planet’s water is available to fuel and feed its 6.8 billion people.” They estimate that by 2025, 1.8 billion people (two-thirds of the world’s population) will live in water-scarce areas due to wasteful use and climate change.

Georgia photographer Ansley West captures the crisis surrounding our freshwater supply in her ongoing series Seven Rivers, first spotted on Co.Design. “The photographs are not aimed at documentation but rather the depiction of unseen changes occurring on all rivers,” West explains on her website. “The constructed images I make on each negative show the possibilities and effects of industry, global warming, agriculture, power and the unquenchable demand for fresh water. We stand at a precipice in the history of water. How we approach the health and use of our rivers now will determine the life span of fresh water.” Take a closer look in our gallery. … Read More

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10 Gorgeous Tree Art Installations

Environmental issues are more urgent than ever. After all, there are politicians and an alarming number of people who truly believe that global warming is a giant hoax. These concerns are reflected in the works of environmental artists, many who use organic materials to draw attention to ecological problems like deforestation. Forests cover approximately one-third of the planet so it seems obvious that the subject of trees would be a major component of these artworks. After spotting a gorgeous natural “cathedral” built along the base of Mount Arera in Northern Italy (found on Honestly), we searched for other tree art installations that celebrate the beauty of nature and raise activist concerns. … Read More

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The Wolfen Book Covers of Jack London

“He was sounding the deeps of his nature, and of the parts of his nature that were deeper than he, going back into the womb of Time,” wrote Jack London in his 1903 classic novel The Call of the Wild. The story centers on a dog named Buck who is sold off and shipped to the Klondike to be trained as a sled dog. The harsh conditions and treatment ignite his primitive, wolflike ways — and he becomes the story’s mythical hero. London’s 1906 novel White Fang finds a wolfdog on the journey to domesticity. The author’s experiences as a “hobo,” sailor, and journalist took him to faraway places — many which become the settings for his stories. “It was in the Klondike I found myself,” he wrote while reflecting on his days in the Yukon Territory. London always had a penchant for dogs and animals, and his cold-weather travels found him surrounded by them. The wolves and dogs of London’s stories made their way to the covers of his books, which we’ve collected in memory of the author. … Read More

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Stunning Photos of the World’s Oldest Living Organisms

If you’ve done any kind of traveling outside the United States, it will quickly dawn on you just how young America really is. Brooklyn-based artist, 2014 Guggenheim Fellow, and TED speaker Rachel Sussman has photographic evidence. Her The Oldest Living Things in the World series, which we first spotted on Photojojo, documents the artist’s research and travels across continents in search of the world’s oldest inhabitants—continuously living things that have weathered 2,000 years or more. … Read More

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Meditative Photos of Hermits and Their Woodland Homes

Christopher McCandless, Henry David Thoreau, Ted Kaczynski, Noah John Rondeau—our image of society’s hermits and woodland wanderers is a strange one. Naive idealist, poet, serial murderer, and eccentric. Documentary photographer Danila Tkachenko sought to understand the radical lifestyle better and ventured deep into the woods. “While exploring their experience, it is important for me to understand if one is able to break free from social dependence and get away from the public to the subjective—and thus, to make a step towards oneself,” he writes. Tkachenko’s Escape series, first spotted on Fubiz, documents the life and surroundings of people who remain alone in the wilderness for decades, far from civilization. … Read More

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Breathtakingly Beautiful Closeup Photos of Butterfly Wings

The beauty of butterflies, the loveliest of all insects, has hardly gone unheralded — but this series of photos by Linden Gledhill is sure to make you even more appreciative of their aesthetic qualities. Using a macro lens to zoom in on tiny sections of their wings, Gledhill (who’s trained as a biochemist) reveals breathtaking multicolored fish-scale patterns that resemble lush fabrics and vibrant works of abstract art. Click through for a selection of images from the series (spotted via Colossal), and visit Gledhill’s Flickr page for many more butterfly-wing photos —  among other fascinating series. … Read More

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12 Design-Savvy Ways to Camp Indoors

Ah, the great outdoors. It can be a little intimidating for the uninitiated. There are bugs, bears, and masked serial killers to contend with. If camping sounds a bit too strenuous, and you prefer toasted marshmallows from artisan bakers in Brooklyn, here are a few ways to bring the outdoors inside to your humble, but stylish abode. … Read More

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