The 35 Campiest TV Movies Ever Made

This week, SyFy debuts the sequel to last summer’s surprise TV movie hit, SharknadoSharknado 2: The Second One is expected to be even campier and sillier than its predecessor and will possibly go down as one of the most ridiculous TV movies ever made. But, of course, it’s got quite a bit of competition: there are plenty of other patently absurd made-for-television movies out there. From SyFy’s shark obsession to Lifetime’s melodramatic teen flicks, here are 35 of the campiest TV movies of all time.  … Read More

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10 TV Events to Look Out For in July

In June, television gave us a handful of great season and series premieres, from Orange Is the New Black to The Leftovers. Not to be outdone, July is also coming in full force. There is the return of some Comedy Central favorites, premieres of vampire and post-apocalyptic dramas, and even some silly guilty pleasures. Here are the ten TV events to keep on your radar this July. … Read More

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Censoring Abortion Doesn’t Make It Go Away, NBC

Being an anonymously sourced item on Page Six, I knew to take “NBC refuses to air Obvious Child ad with word ‘abortion’ in it” with a pound’s worth of salt. Still, the report that a major network found a procedure one in three women undergo in their lifetime “inappropriate for viewers” is depressingly believable — even more so given that the same network bleeped out the word “aborted” during the Last Comic Standing semifinals on Thursday.* Abortion’s supposed inappropriate nature is part of the reason, in fact, why Obvious Child is so remarkable: abortion is disconcertingly absent from American pop culture, mostly thanks to a speak-no-evil conservatism operating under the unstated assumption that if we just don’t talk about abortion, it’ll disappear forever. … Read More

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The All-Time Worst NBC Promo Photos

After NBC announced its upcoming fall programming, all most of us could do was laugh at the promotional photos that introduced shows like Bad Judge and State of Affairs. NBC is becoming known for its awful promo art, which is often terribly photoshopped, decidedly unsubtle, hilariously unsexy, and just plain ridiculous. While you shouldn’t judge a show by its promotional art, it’s impossible not to laugh at these. … Read More

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NBC’s ‘The Night Shift’ is the Blandest Medical Drama on TV

The best thing about NBC’s new medical drama The Night Shift, premiering tonight at 10 PM, is its unintentionally hilarious promo photo. The ridiculously attractive and calculatedly diverse cast is brought together by Photoshop, all looking this way or that way, each one in a different show than the person to their right. In the middle is our hero (or antihero, if this were a better written drama), a badass doctor who refuses to play by the rules — you can tell, because he’s riding a motorcycle inside of a hospital. That’s how The Night Shift chooses to convey this rebellious characteristic: A motorcycle in a hospital. It’s so out of touch, so frustratingly uncreative, and it reflects everything that’s wrong with the show. … Read More

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‘Hannibal’ Season 2 Finale Recap: “Mizumono”

Hannibal cold opens are rarely as self-contained or tightly executed as the introduction to last night’s finale. But true to the rest of the episode, one of the most streamlined in Hannibal‘s history, the first three minutes act as a funnel, narrowing Will’s entire trajectory—or at least what the audience has seen of it—since he left the hospital down to a single split-screen shot. Jack and Hannibal each believe Will is theirs; Jack and Hannibal each think Will is the swing vote in their upcoming confrontation. Technically, Will’s already sided with Jack, but the connection he shares with Hannibal is genuine, however duplicitous.  … Read More

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