‘Parenthood’ Season 6 Episode 2 Recap: “Happy Birthday, Zeek!”

Enjoying Parenthood requires suspension of privilege. You have to put aside the fact that figuring out how to serve casein-free and gluten-free meals to 40 private-school students is inherently a fancy problem. If you didn’t happen to know that this diet is thought to help with Autism symptoms, you’d think it’s symptomatic of the Whole Foods culture pervasive among pseudo-health-conscious upper-middle-class families in the Bay Area — the exact type exhibited in Kristina and Adam Braverman, and his sister Julia. These are the sort of folks who sweat the small stuff, and who at times act entitled. Especially Julia, who showed a bratty side rivaling that of her monster spawn in this week’s episode, when she told her daughter’s teacher, “I’m sorry that you haven’t seen a better side of Sydney, because she’s a great girl.” I’m sure the new girl who was mortified and made to feel like a social pariah by Sydney agrees, Julia. … Read More

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‘Parenthood’ Season 6 Premiere Recap: “Vegas”

They say life’s a gift, and for Parenthood, the words ring even truer. The ensemble dramedy from Friday Night Lights alum Jason Katims has remained on “the bubble,” ratings and renewals-wise, through its five tear-filled seasons, so much so that a final season remained up in the air until May. The half season (13 episodes) fans have been… Read More

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NBC Says Fuggit, Let’s Just Air ‘SNL’ Reruns in Prime Time

Saturday night is kind of a deserted, tumbleweed-y, post-Apocalyptic wasteland on television, from the standpoint of both ratings and… Read More

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‘The Mysteries of Laura’s’ Biggest Mystery: How Did This Show Get Made in 2014?

Oh, there are so many mysteries in The Mysteries of Laura, NBC’s new cop drama/motherhood comedy. The first mystery is, of course, why this show was made in 2014. It follows the template of the horrid “Can women have it all?” genre of television show that should, by now, be extinct. It reads as self-parody — the god-awful posters that disfigure Debra Messing’s arms have her standing in the middle of her two lives: on one side, she handcuffs a criminal as her partner smiles; on the other, she is wrangling two misbehaving children as her husband smolders on, oblivious. Messing might as well be performing a Modern Woman Circus Act, in which she literally juggles a screaming child, a loaded gun, a wedding ring, and an actual cop car — all while chasing down a perp as she chaperones a school trip.  … Read More

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The 35 Campiest TV Movies Ever Made

This week, SyFy debuts the sequel to last summer’s surprise TV movie hit, SharknadoSharknado 2: The Second One is expected to be even campier and sillier than its predecessor and will possibly go down as one of the most ridiculous TV movies ever made. But, of course, it’s got quite a bit of competition: there are plenty of other patently absurd made-for-television movies out there. From SyFy’s shark obsession to Lifetime’s melodramatic teen flicks, here are 35 of the campiest TV movies of all time.  … Read More

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10 TV Events to Look Out For in July

In June, television gave us a handful of great season and series premieres, from Orange Is the New Black to The Leftovers. Not to be outdone, July is also coming in full force. There is the return of some Comedy Central favorites, premieres of vampire and post-apocalyptic dramas, and even some silly guilty pleasures. Here are the ten TV events to keep on your radar this July. … Read More

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Censoring Abortion Doesn’t Make It Go Away, NBC

Being an anonymously sourced item on Page Six, I knew to take “NBC refuses to air Obvious Child ad with word ‘abortion’ in it” with a pound’s worth of salt. Still, the report that a major network found a procedure one in three women undergo in their lifetime “inappropriate for viewers” is depressingly believable — even more so given that the same network bleeped out the word “aborted” during the Last Comic Standing semifinals on Thursday.* Abortion’s supposed inappropriate nature is part of the reason, in fact, why Obvious Child is so remarkable: abortion is disconcertingly absent from American pop culture, mostly thanks to a speak-no-evil conservatism operating under the unstated assumption that if we just don’t talk about abortion, it’ll disappear forever. … Read More

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