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The Most Memorable Moments From Last Night’s Spectacular 2013 Tony Awards

Last night’s Tony Awards were a grand affair and, I’d argue, not just one of the best awards shows of the year, but one that truly encapsulated the fun and splendor of the Broadway community. It’s part lovefest for Broadway, and part marketing ploy, but this year’s Tonys didn’t feel like a chance for New York producers to sell their biggest shows of the year (as well as a handful from previous seasons that are luckily still running) to potential patrons in the rest of the country. It was also filled with plenty of in-jokes and featured some surprisingly heartfelt speeches from Tony winners. As frequent host Neil Patrick Harris sang during his opening number years ago, Broadway isn’t just for gays anymore. Here’s a rundown of what elevated this year’s ceremony to a higher dramatic level as much as it proved that Broadway is more representative of the rest of the country than you’d think.  … Read More

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Let’s Cast More Joss Whedon Shakespeare Adaptations

Joss Whedon’s delightful, modernized adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing is out today, and while the writer/director certainly has plenty on his plate — another Avengers, that S.H.I.E.L.D. series, more Dr. Horrible (let’s all just will that into existence) — he adapts Shakespeare so well that there’s already talk of him returning to the Bard. “There are other things I would love to accomplish,” he told the Austin Chronicle, “but doesn’t want to do Hamlet? Hamlet and Twelfth Night are probably the two contenders.” For those of us who love both Joss and Shakespeare, the idea of continuing mash-ups is a delicious one — particularly since it’s safe to assume he’d continue casting actors familiar from the “Whedonverse.” And thus, a few suggestions for other Shakespeare plays ripe for the Whedon treatment, and who might best fill their roles. … Read More

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What Your Favorite Pop Culture Idols Were Wearing as Teens

Our favorite photo of the week belongs to Star Trek: The Next Generation actor Wil Wheaton who shared an uber nerdy image of himself wearing ankle watches (with friendship bracelets!), acid-washed jeans, and a ratty Depeche Mode tee. We’ve featured the image of the Stand by Me star after the jump, along with photos of other pop culture idols and their (mostly) regrettable teen fashions. It’s a snapshot of simpler times, before the stylists and PR managers thoroughly preened them. See what a few of your favorite, famous teen heroes were wearing back in the day, below. … Read More

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10 Celebrities’ Favorite Children’s Books

If you’re a fan of children’s books (or ever were), today is the day to brush them off and take a new look. That’s right, International Children’s Book Day, which falls every year on Hans Christian Andersen’s birthday. To celebrate the day, we recommend curling up with a good picture book. If you need any suggestions, check out the favorite kids’ books of ten famous readers after the jump. What’s your favorite children’s book? Let us know in the comments. … Read More

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Merry Photos of Pop Culture Icons and Their Christmas Trees

If you need a little inspiration for your holiday conifer, or just like peeking into the homes of the rich and famous (we know we do), we’ve put together a little peek at the Christmas trees of a few of our favorite pop culture icons, from F. Scott Fitzgerald to Snooki. Yes, we are equally interested in both of them. Check them out after the jump, and have a bright and shiny… Read More

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14 Celebrities’ Holiday Cookie Recipes

You can probably guess that we have sweet treats on the brain. It’s the holidays, and we did recently show you how to host a hipster cookie party. With everyone’s ovens working overtime, is it any wonder we’re craving cavity-inducing yumminess? After we spotted a holiday recipe from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his family (it’s in a new cookbook filled with recipes from technology gurus), we wondered what other famous people are snacking on while they make merry. It felt like the right time to host an online cookie exchange. Get personal recipes from Neil Patrick Harris (he loves his cookies “ooey gooey”), Cookie Monster, and many others past the break. Report back to let us know how the taste test went. … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds In Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we watched a video featuring Nathan Fillion in a doctor’s outfit, some puppets, and Neil Patrick Harris’ trouser weasel (don’t worry — it’s not as dirty as it sounds). We were thrilled to hear that Katheryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty nabbed the National Board of Review’s Best Film honor. … Read More

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Watch the First Episode of Neil Patrick Harris’ New Puppet Show

Could a web series involving Neil Patrick Harris and puppets be anything other than absolutely wonderful? Our friends at Laughspin just tipped us off to Neil’s Puppet Dreams, which debuted earlier today on Nerdist’s YouTube channel. “Each episode revolves around one of my puppet-laden dreams,” Harris explains. “As it turns out, I’m a bit of a narcoleptic and unfortunately all of my dreams involve creatures of the felt persuasion, ranging from lullabies to documentaries, from fantasies to music videos.” Click through to check out the first installment now. … Read More

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Neil Patrick Harris Is Writing a Memoir

Over the past few years, there’s been no shortage of famous funny ladies writing memoirs. There have been fantastic books from Tina Fey, Mindy Kaling, Rachel Dratch, Kathy Griffin, Jane Lynch — and those are just the ones we have sitting on our shelves. And now, one of our favorite funny guys is throwing his… Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. After making its debut at Comic-Con, the first trailer for Season 3 of The Walking Dead has arrived online. Watch it here, and get super excited for the arrival of the Governor!

2. Famed artists Barbara Kruger, Catherine Opie, and John Baldessari have all resigned from the board of LA’s Museum of… Read More

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