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Neil Young Debuts Scathing, Monsanto and Starbucks-Themed Tracks off Upcoming Concept Album

Stereogum notes that back when Neil Young announced in January that he was working with Willie Nelson’s sons… Read More

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Is Pono Worth It? A Generational Struggle Over Perceived Quality

A few weeks ago, when I was home for the holidays, my dad asked a question that shocked and confused me. It involved Coldplay.

He asked me if I could move Coldplay’s most recent album from his iPod Shuffle onto his iPod Mini. I was perplexed. I’d given him the Shuffle just eight months ago, after winning three of them at a Toyota event at SXSW — a twist of fate that in itself seemed to say something about big brand benefactors in music. The Mini was beat-up and slow. I asked why he’d want to move his music around.

“Well, the only thing I have on the Mini is that Coldplay album,” my dad explained, “so I’ve just been using it to listen to that… basically since you gave it to me. I don’t know how to change which music is loaded where.” … Read More

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Neil Young to Release New Album, ‘Storytone,’ Nov. 4, Will Feature 92-Piece Orchestra

Neil Young, last seen canoodling Daryl Hannah, has announced that his 39th album, Storytone, will be released on November… Read More

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Neil Young Is Dating Daryl Hannah: Links You Need To See

Every day, aging rockstars do great things that help them maintain their status as icons and prolong their eventual, inevitable fading away. Today, one of those people was Neil Young, who is hooking up with Daryl Hannah. Really! It’s sad, sure, that his marriage of 36 years ended and he’s already shacking up with somebody else. But it’s also sort of undeniably great that he’s canoodling with a mermaid. … Read More

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Minnie Driver to Cover Elliott Smith and The Cure on New Album

Minnie Driver, possibly bored of the moderate success her two albums’ worth of original songs brought, is releasing a third… Read More

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Where to Start with the 13,000 Concert Videos in YouTube’s Music Vault

Last week, YouTube announced a partnership with Music Vault that brought thousands of remastered, high-quality live performances to the platform. More than 13,000 of these concert clips, to be exact, spanning every rock legend of the last 50 years all the way to modern indie favorites (and even a baffling amount of Limp Bizkit.) No longer will late-night YouTube rabbit-holes be relegated to lo-fi bootlegs or shaky cell phone footage, huzzah! The partnership marks an initial step in YouTube’s increased interest in the music space. … Read More

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