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You Don’t Have to Be Cynical to Worry About Upworthy

It was only a matter of time until someone wrote an in-depth profile of Upworthy and its founders, and happily, the task fell to Nitsuh Abebe, whose excellent article on the Internet’s feel-good sensation appears in this week’s New York magazine. Throughout the piece, you get the sense that Abebe is struggling with the same reaction that plenty of people have to Upworthy — there’s something mildly off-putting about it, but it’s hard to put your finger on exactly what. And it’s hard to hate, or even dislike, Upworthy without feeling bad about doing so. … Read More

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100 Years of New York Music

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The 10 Strangest Quotes From Will and Jaden Smith’s ‘New York’ Interview

Hollywood royals Will and Jaden Smith are in a whirlwind of promotion for their sci-fi film After Earth, written by the elder Smith and directed by M. Night Shyamalan. The eccentric father-son duo graces the cover of this week’s New York magazine for a bizarre discussion about their relationship, their approach to fame, and scientific theories that revolve around a nondescript theme of “patterns.” Author Claire Hoffman steers the interview in a questionable direction from the start and is quick to ask the two about their religion, probably in hopes that they’ll talk about Scientology. … Read More

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'New York' Magazine's 'Sex Diaries' Coming to TV

As New York magazine entertainment site Vulture reports, a column from New York magazine news blog Daily Intel is set to be adapted for the small screen. Writer Tom Spezialy and producers Mark Gordon and Nicholas Pepper will adapt “Sex Diaries,” the  addictive weekly feature that chronicles the sex… Read More

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Are These the Year’s Best Magazine Covers?

The American Society of Magazine Editors has spoken: At last night’s National Magazine Awards, Time took home top honors, with titles like Inc., New York, O, The New York Times Magazine, and Saveur winning in their categories. But while those award recipients are getting a lot of press this morning, the ASME gave out a whole other set of laurels that aren’t getting as much attention, for the year’s best magazine covers. After the jump, we look at their selections in an attempt to discern whether these 11 covers really were the most impressive of 2011. Let us know what you think in the comments. … Read More

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Words Banned at ‘New York’ Magazine During Kurt Andersen’s Reign

Most publications have an internal style guide for writers. For example, here at Flavorpill we frown upon food metaphors. Some places are much more specific. As Hugo Lindgren relays over on The New York Times Magazine’s The 6th Floor, when he was first hired at New York Magazine back in 1997, Kurt Andersen had just been fired as editor. But during his tenure, he (or presumably, one of his assistants) had created a one-page document titled “Words We Don’t Say.”

“It contained, as you might surmise, words and phrases that Kurt found annoying and didn’t want used in his magazine,” Lindgren explains. “Just yesterday, I rescued it from a bunch of old office stuff that I was throwing out, and I have to say, 14 years later, it’s still a pretty useful list of phony-baloney vocabulary that editors are well-advised to excise from stories.” Click through to check out the list of what irked Andersen, and let us know in the comments if there are certain words or phrases that you avoid. … Read More

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New York Magazine’s Justin Bond Controversy

This morning The Awl alerted us to the fact that Justin Bond is royally pissed about the recent New York Magazine profile by Carl Swanson, titled, “The Story of V.” In the article, Swanson writes, “One of the difficulties of writing about Bond’s reality flux is very basic: the pronoun. His friends mostly refer to him as “he,” though many go back and forth depending on the context or the fraughtness of their relationship (the musician Rufus Wainwright notably seems to use ‘he’ just to irk Bond). For the record, he would prefer to not be referred to as he or she but rather the faux-noun v, which references ‘Vivian,’ the new middle name he gave himself early this year.” … Read More

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Now and Then: Vintage and Contemporary Magazine Covers

Culture is an ever-evolving beast, it’s true. We may not be completely sure where it’s going, but we do know where it’s been, and how better to track our progress than by looking at the changes in the most popular (and enduring) lifestyle and culture magazines in American culture? We’ve already taken a look at redesigned book covers, but magazines are a more immediate reflection of our selves – like advertisements, they’re a reflection of a cultural ideal. Plus, well, they’re fun to look at. Click through to see the vintage covers and contemporary redesigns of your favorite American rags, and let us know if you think we’re changing for the better or worse. … Read More

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What Our Subway Reads Say About Us

The New York Times recently conducted a poll that examined the age-old ritual of reading on the train. (Or as reporter Alexis Mainland enthuses, “Even without a seat, even while pressed with strangers into human panini, even as someone plays a keyboard harmonica and rattles a cup of change, even when stumbling home after a party.” ) Eight thousand readers responded to their question, “What was the last book, magazine and newspaper you read on the subway?” Let’s analyze the results:

Top Magazines
The Good: We read New York Magazine (717 readers) as a means of fine-tuning our sophisticated taste for the arts, but when it comes time to commute, we prefer to snuggle up with a copy of The New Yorker (1,928 readers). Are we seduced by the higher word count or the suggestion of intellect? We have one friend who swears it’s easier to tuck in a jacket pocket.

The Bad: We are what we read. We are narcissists. New York must be in the title of your choice publication — you are not welcome into the clubhouse otherwise, not even the sandbox. It’s okay, Oprah, we still love you. … Read More

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