Amy Schumer Announces Fourth Season Renewal on ‘Letterman,’ Reveals Her “Vagina”

Inside Amy Schumer fans are gearing up for tonight’s premiere of the show’s third season, and they can rest assured knowing this… Read More

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Showtime Debuts First Episode of ‘Happyish’ Online

Showtime has shared the first full episode of its new, dark comedic satire series Happyish on their website. 

Happyish stars Steve Coogan as a middle-aged man… Read More

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HBO Orders an End to Beloved ‘Game of Thrones’ Screenings at Videology in Williamsburg

HBO seems to be emulating Game of Thrones’ tale of vehement possessiveness; it has brought down a tiny empire of GOT fandom, ordering a Brooklyn bar … Read More

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Jon Stewart Comes to Trevor Noah’s Defense

Trevor Noah was announced at the heir to The Daily Show throne, but not even 36 hours later people were outraged… Read More

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Robert Durst Arrested After Making Highly Incriminating Statement on HBO’s ‘The Jinx’

Robert Durst, focus of the HBO documentary miniseries series The Jinx (its rarely used full title is, after all, The Jinx:… Read More

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‘Sports Illustrated’ Lays Off Last of Its Staffers in Photography Department

Sports Illustrated has officially laid off the last six staff photographers in their photo department. Director of photography Brad Smith… Read More

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