Fascinating Photos of Overcrowded Newsstands Around the World

Photographer Trevor Traynor‘s Newsstand Project confirms that the overcrowded street stalls are a universal language. Also, finding the cashier to pay for your newspapers, magazines, and gum is like playing Where’s Waldo no matter what country you live in. The artist, who we learned about on Photojojo, took Instagram snaps of newsstands in Lima, Barcelona, New York, and Paris. The square format frames the stands perfectly, zeroing in on the ad-heavy facades littered with glossy covers and inky newsprint. Grab a coffee, and wake up with more of Traynor’s newsstand photos in our gallery. … Read More

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Take a Look at the Most Well-Designed Newspapers in the World

The prevailing wisdom may be that newspapers are on their way out (or at least migrating to the kindle-verse) but there are at least a few still alive and kicking — and beautifully designed.  The Society for News Design has recently named five newspapers from four different countries as the contenders the World’s Best-Designed Newspaper in its 33rd annual The Best of Newspaper Design Creative Competition. No American papers made the cut, but Canada has two winners, and Mexico, Denmark, and Germany are also represented, chosen by an equally international panel of judges. Click through to see the best-designed newspapers in the world, and then head over to SND to read more, and be sure to let us know if you agree with their picks in the comments. … Read More

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The Final Edition of The News of the World

Today, the UK national newspaper News of the World, owned by Rupert Murdoch, printed its final issue. The best-selling tabloid, which began publishing in 1843, has been embroiled in a phone-hacking scandal since 2006, when Clive Goodman, the royal editor, was jailed for illegally intercepting the voicemails of the royal family. More recently,… Read More

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Whither Crossword Puzzles?

GOOD Magazine wants to know if crossword puzzles are doomed to die an inevitable print media death. According to the piece, the heyday of crossword puzzles was the 1920s, and at the time the black-and-white geometric confections were considered just as sinful as booze and other Jazz Age vices. Ok, maybe not “just as,” but the New York Times expressly used the word “sinful” and refused to print one until… Read More

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Newspaper Bailout Plan

With newspapers and glossies folding almost daily, trad-media journalists are quickly being forced to adapt or die (“Why didn’t I listen to Arianna when I had the chance?!”). The clip after the jump, however, gives us great hope that even the stodgiest of print dinosaurs can flourish in the blogosophere. Or not. (Also, this is pretty much how we felt when we tried signing our aunt up for Facebook.)  Copy! … Read More

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