Danny Tamberelli Releases Statement About Nickelodeon Nostalgia Cancellation

Danny Tamberelli, aka Little Pete Wrigley from Pete and Pete, has released a statement about the cancellation of SLIMED! A Night of… Read More

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Pulque, Porn, and David [P]incher: Links You Need to See

You’re probably finding yourselves sobered after a blurry/slurry summer “sleep” by this week’s crisp fall air. And, now that you’re being forced back into reality, here are a few distractions from said reality: … Read More

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10 Amazing Abandoned Sets from Film and Television

Nobody ever said growing up is easy, but anyone who came of age in the ‘90s with the occasional eye on Nickelodeon got a gulp-inducing whiff of their own mortality recently, when pictures and video surfaced of the show’s long-forgotten Arizona ranch set. It’s still there, sort of, its abandoned buildings and trashed-out interiors a freestanding reminder that, yes, a television show was here once. But Hey Dude isn’t the only bit of pop culture that left its skeleton in place once shooting wrapped. … Read More

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‘The Legend of Korra’ Season 2 Trailer Has Arrived

The first season of The Legend of Korra was hugely disappointing, with a clumsily handled love triangle and a totally unexplored power… Read More

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Is Netflix Having an Identity Crisis?

Wednesday morning,’s front page featured a letter from founder and CEO Jeff Bezos — not an unusual occurrence, and one frequently adopted to announce an exciting new product or perk. The big news: a notable addition to their Instant Video service. “Prime members now have unlimited instant streaming access to the largest subscription library for Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. content online,” went Bezos’s missive. “We have increased by 55% the number of episodes available to top Prime shows for kids like SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora the Explorer, Blue’s Clues, iCarly and more of your Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. favorites.” Casual observers might have thought nothing of this news, but for parents, it’s a bombshell — because up until last month, those shows could be found on Amazon Instant Video’s high-profile competitor, Netflix. … Read More

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Nostalgic Nickelodeon Art Celebrates the ’90s

Oh 1990’s Nickelodeon, how we miss you so. The network’s golden age produced some of the most original, free-spirited fun on television that had young audiences swimming in green slime. Pie-faced shenanigans, witty cartoons, and colorful characters entertained a generation. Gallery iam8bit is celebrating Nickelodeon’s classic era with their upcoming exhibit, It’s the shizNICK. Over 60 artists are paying tribute to the channel that ruled your youth with paintings, prints, sculptures, plush, and installations that recall the best of Nick: You Can’t Do That on Television, SpongeBob, The Ren & Stimpy Show, Double Dare, and more. If you’re in Los Angeles on April 19, check out a cool photo playset, animated GIF theater, and other Nicktastic installations at iam8bit. Enjoy a preview of the exhibit in our gallery.

… Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we remembered several Nickelodeon toys most people probably forgot about. We found out what Lil Wayne vs. Rent sounds like. We enjoyed The Onion’s 1990s-riffic BuzzFeed ribbing. We practiced a series of bets that are proven winners. We loved seeing all the cute pups… Read More

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