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Where Did All the Female Rappers Go? Reality TV

Earlier this week, NPR asked where all the female rappers had gone, and yesterday VH1 gave them their answer, albeit a weak one: a new reality show. This fall, the cable network responsible for “docudramas” like Love & Hip Hop and The Salt-n-Pepa Show will unleash White Girls of Rap into the world, yet again making female rappers a novelty item. … Read More

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The 5 Best New Songs We Heard This Week: Nicki Minaj, Drake, Vampire Weekend

New year, new music. This week, a surprising number of artists released new material despite the holiday and ensuing recovery. Ryan Hemsworth unearthed an entire mixtape of previously unreleased remixes, Nicki Minaj and Drake posted some excellent one-off tracks, and Vampire Weekend refreshed a months-old song. Listen to all of them for free after the jump. … Read More

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Clever Instagram User Photoshops Himself Into Celebrity Snapshots

People have been photoshopping themselves into celebrity photos ever since it was possible, but let’s be real: not many of us are good at it. This is probably why sites like The Daily Dot and Gizmodo are so taken with Instagram user Peeje T, who photoshops himself into celebrity photos with nary a stray pixel. His creations range from straightforward to completely absurd, and you can almost believe he’s sitting with Rihanna at a basketball game until you see him give her a piggyback ride at the Kentucky Derby. He always tags his culprits in his posts, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see one of them call him up to capitalize on his growing buzz. If they do, it would be virtually impossible to tell the resulting Instagrams apart from Peeje T’s doctored images. Click through to see a selection of his best work. … Read More

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A Selection of Celebrities Who Want You to Think They’re Illuminati

Alas, poor Ke$ha. She so desperately wants to be controversial. She recently released new single “Crazy Kids,” and apart from being possibly the actual worst song this side of “My Humps” — a pounding inanity of “I don’t give a fuck because I’m soooooo craaaaazzzzy” clichés, set to an identikit beat and consigned to the deepest circles of musical hell with an appearance from Musical Antichrist — it comes with a video that sucks like a turbo-charged Dyson. The clip features Ke$ha’s best determinedly controversial Vanilla Ice-esque cultural appropriation — corn rows! grills! — and if that weren’t enough manufactured “edginess,” she’s also adorned her hand with the all-seeing eye of the Illuminati. It’s hard to imagine Jay-Z inviting her into the New World Order, but anyway, she’s not the first artist to court controversy by leveraging Illuminati symbology. Here are some others. … Read More

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11 Artful Fashion Shoots Inspired by Famous Paintings

Fashion month is in full swing! To capitalize on the runway spectacles that are happening in New York, London, Milan, and Paris, tons of museums — from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York to the Allentown Art Museum in Pennsylvania — are opening exhibitions related to la mode. Art and fashion have had a long relationship, with major glossies inviting artists from Salvador Dalí to Barbara Kruger to direct or shoot their editorial content. But by far the most fun art-fashion fusions are the dozens of photo shoots replicating famous paintings by the likes of Klimt, Vermeer, and Lichtenstein. Here are 11 hilarious, odd, and sometimes even magical examples of fashion editorials inspired by art. … Read More

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20 Classic Female-Fronted Hip Hop Tracks

Oh, Rolling Stone. Sometimes you make it so easy. We try not to spend too much of our time nitpicking the amusingly out-of-touch pontifications of Jann Wenner’s empire, but occasionally something comes along that annoys us so much that it’s hard not to react. So it was recently, when the magazine’s editors came back from the mountain with stone tablets purporting to contain “The 50 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs of All Time.” In fairness, reading RS for hip hop recommendations is like reading Trucking Monthly for advice on bicycles, but even so, if you’re going to claim to make a definitive list, you don’t relegate Nas’s “NY State of Mind” to #31 (11 places behind 50 Cent’s risible “In Da Club”) — and, more annoyingly, you don’t make the mistake of including only three songs featuring female vocalists. … Read More

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10 Music Videos That “Borrow” from Famous Artists

Last week, there was a piece on Hyperallergic on pop music’s love affair with contemporary art that inspired us to do some digging. Yayoi Kusama à la Nicky Minaj specifically made us optimistic that modern pop music cares enough about art to stage such elaborate recreations — although, a little credit where credit is due would be nice. That said, down the rabbit hole we went. Here are a few of the standout music videos doing that pay homage to visual artists, with various aesthetic and legal results. What did we miss? … Read More

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Which of These Celebrities Won Halloween 2012?

As someone in our Facebook feed posted earlier today, Halloween is so last weekend, a sentiment which while glib, is also kind of true. Even if Sandy hadn’t left a huge chunk of the eastern seaboard in recovery mode, most people already donned their costumes and celebrated days ago now — including some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Thanks to the oversharing made possible by Twitter and Instagram, we’ve got the candid photos to prove it. Click through to check out what everyone from Patton Oswalt to Emma Roberts wore this year, and be sure to let us know who you think has the best costume in the comments! … Read More

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