Nicolas Cage

Don’t Write Off Nicolas Cage Just Yet — He’s Great in David Gordon Green’s ‘Joe’

There’s a new Nicolas Cage movie in theaters and on demand this week, and here’s what’s surprising: it is absolutely worth seeing. It’s called Joe, and it’s exactly the kind of modest, elegiac, naturalistic independent film that big-name actors tend to turn to when they’ve wandered too far off the reservation, which Cage has certainly done. In fact, in the nearly 20 years since he won his Oscar for Leaving Las Vegas, he’s gone from a marvel to a punch line, fronting laughable vehicles, turning in alternately sleepy and twitchy performances in which he all but waves his paycheck at the camera and cackles. But what’s always been frustrating about Cage is the sense that he was so deliberately slumming it, and that there was still a great actor clawing around in there. … Read More

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Flavorwire’s Guide to Indie Flicks to See in April

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s not much doin’ at the multiplex this April. You’ve got a new Captain America, and a Johnny Depp thing by Christopher Nolan’s regular cinematographer that could either be amazing or terrible and silly, and then — what, The Other Woman? Once again, it’s the art house to the rescue, and here are ten of the most notable and recommendation-worthy independent releases of the coming… Read More

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There’s a Nicolas Cage Art Show in San Francisco and It Looks Delightfully Strange

If you’re in San Francisco on April 12th, cancel any of your preexisting plans. There’s a Nicolas Cage art show… Read More

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10 SXSW 2014 Movies People Will Be Talking About

Confession: though I love Sundance and know it’s the preeminent domestic film festival, etc., my heart belongs to SXSW. It’s a warmer (literally — Texas in March is immeasurably more pleasant than Utah in January), friendlier, more relaxed and enjoyable fest, and the food doesn’t even compare. But that’s not what we’re there for, of course; what matters is the movies, and as usual, this year’s SXSW Film Festival offers a wide variety of studio fare, thoughtful indies, gutsy genre pics, and general weirdness. Here are just a few of their selections that you’ll be hearing more about in the weeks and months to come: … Read More

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Celebrate Nicolas Cage’s 50th Birthday With Some Incredibly Disturbing Nicolas Cage Fan Art

Today is Nicolas Cage’s 50th birthday! Are you surprised he made it this long? Me too. And how will you be celebrating? Will you watch all of the National Treasure movies and look up facts about American history on Wikipedia? Will you recreate the roach-eating scene in Vampire’s Kiss? Will you Cage Your Queue? All of those sound like great ideas. As for me, I’m done, because I went through the terrifying rabbit hole that is the Nicolas Cage Fan Art community on the Internet, and I’ve returned with the ten most unsettling images to share, just in case the Polar Vortex hasn’t already ruined your day.  … Read More

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Hilarious Photos of Internet-Inspired Costumes at Last Night’s HallowMEME

The Internet went offline at the fifth annual HallowMEME party at Brooklyn’s Bell House last night, thrown by Forced Meme Productions, Kelly Reeves, Andrea Rosen, and Lindsey Weber (who, it should be noted, dressed up as emojis with their stances ready for recognition). While in 2012 there were many women in binders and unimpressed McKaylas, this year, shibes and foxes were aplenty. Danny Tamberelli (Little Pete from The Adventures of Pete & Pete) helped judge the costume contest: third place went to the duo dressed as LED Light Suit Babies, a two-day old meme; second to “Hip to be Square” Patrick Bateman; and the winner: Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat his Cereal. Obviously. … Read More

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50 Trashy Movies Everyone Needs to See Before They Die

A few weeks back, we had a very good time sifting through the whole of literature and plucking out the very best of the very trashiest books. Because film is an inherently more populist medium, the intellectual engagement with film trash is, historically, a bit more consistent. Of the films that qualified as “great trash,” Pauline Kael wrote, “What gives this trash a lift, what makes it entertaining is clearly that some of those involved, knowing of course that they were working on a silly shallow script and a movie that wasn’t about anything of consequence, used the chance to have a good time with it.” These 50 movies meet that… Read More

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