'Super Mario Bros.' World Map Illustrates the 'Plumber's Empire'

We thought it was a good time to indulge in a little Nintendo-inspired fandom with this Super Mario Bros. world map, since it was just confirmed that videogame legend Shigeru Miyamoto will not be retiring. Miyamoto designed the popular game, and we think he’d approve of Ian Gibson’s Plumber’s Empire. The design was made… Read More

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The ‘Super Mario Bros.’ Theme Song on Accordion (in Bulgaria)

On our list of things we wished existed and the Internet made come true is this video of a group of Bulgarian accordion players performing the Super Mario Bros. theme song. Vintage Nintendo meets Slavic charm in this boy band’s rousing rendition of the instantly recognizable tune. Our only hope is that they wear these outfits while playing their NES. Click past the break if you want to dance. … Read More

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This Is What Nintendo's Wii U Looks Like

Kokatu, who is live blogging Nintendo’s 2011 E3 press conference, just posted what they’re calling the first picture of the company’s new gaming console, the Wii U. They’ve also got an image of the controller that goes with it (which we find more impressive to look at than the console itself).… Read More

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WTF of the Day: Video Game Characters as Cuts of Meat

Do you ever spend a long afternoon playing vintage video games and suddenly find yourself feeling… famished? As in, so hungry you could eat poor, adorable Yoshi? Yeah, us either. Regardless, graphic artist Jude Buffum — who confesses to a “long-time obsession with meat diagrams” — has rendered a handful of classic 8-bit characters as cuts of meat. The results are kind of upsetting, in a there-goes-my-childhood way. If you want, you can buy prints of these curiosities for $40-135. … Read More

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25 Things You Didn’t Know About Nintendo

On October 18, 1985, Nintendo released a small number of Nintendo Entertainment Systems in New York City, its first US market. It was bold move considering it was a time when most American consumers were more interested in personal computers than gaming systems. That first holiday season about 50,000 consoles were sold — which is only half of what Nintendo had produced. But by 1988, gaming had become a multi-billion dollar industry, and everyone and their mother had a Power Pad. Click through as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the NES with a bit of Nintendo history and trivia. … Read More

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Great Moments in the History of Lego Videos

Lately, there’s been a number of creative, stop-motion Lego videos surfacing around the web. Last week it was a highly-condensed version of the original Star Wars trilogy; this week, it’s an educational documentary about the founders of microbiology. Since Lego is no longer simply about building castles and space stations in your parent’s basement, we decided this would be a good time to round up some of the best videos featuring Lego that we’ve come across. You know, to keep up with the times and whatnot.

We grouped the following videos into six categories for your viewing convenience. Enjoy them all after the jump. … Read More

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What’s on at Flavorpill: Links That Made the Rounds In Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we looked at dead birds killed by our trash. We listened to A-TRAK remix the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. We followed the Shepard Fairey drama. We met 50 visionaries. We had a Nintendo flashback. We realized that there’s a Republican rep for almost anything bad. We planned our fall foliage tour. We wondered when the strollers will descend on Williamsburg (and wished that Stephen Elliott had invited us to his pasting party!). We were excited about a public-funded, crowdsourced animated feature film from Aardman and the Tate. And finally, we wished that Jonathan Ames had come over to our house to watch the fake Jonathan Ames on Bored to… Read More

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A New Videogame Thingy We Can Wait in Line For

Will our Nintendo DSi come with pretty backup Dancers and pastel graphics? Or a golden microphone, like Jamie Lidell’s? If so, it’s funny our friends at don’t mention it in their review of the system: “The $170 DSi supercharges the smash hit Nintendo DS platform by adding two cameras, an SD card slot, a Web browser, and the ability to download games over WiFi. But although the DSi clearly represents the downloadable future of handheld gaming, Nintendo says it’s not interested in leaping feet-first into iPhone territory. Plus, it won’t bring its catalog of cartridge-based games to digital either.” Maybe they just hate beatboxing. … Read More

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