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The 10 Albums You Need to Hear in August

Summer is generally a pretty fallow period for albums/films/books/etc. (unless you like crushingly expensive blockbusters about murderous robots, in which case knock yourself out). This August is no exception, but happily, there are still enough decent records due out over the next four weeks to make it worth everyone’s while to sit down and thumb through the upcoming release schedules. We’ve done exactly that, so here’s our regular monthly lowdown on the ten albums you need to hear in the month to come, along with a roundup of everything else of note that’s due… Read More

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The 10 Best Songs We Heard This Week: Julianna Barwick, M.I.A.

It’s Friday, and this writer is nursing a) a hangover and b) a creeping sense of existential despair at Miami winning the NBA Finals. Happily, it’s also time to look back at the best songs we heard this week, which are rather less depressing: there’s a beautiful new song from Julianna Barwick (with actual lyrics!), Lucinda Williams doing her best to justify the existence of that terrible-looking Lone Ranger film, new songs from No Age and Pond, Metz doing their best to undermine the integrity of your fancy expensive speakers, a majestically weird pseudo-rave track from a gentleman by the name of Sophie, and more. All this is streaming for free, so stop reading and start listening! … Read More

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The 10 Best Songs We Heard This Week: The Julie Ruin, Neko Case

It’s Friday, which means we are contemplating the weekend ahead and also, as ever, rounding up the best songs we’ve heard this week. This week saw the release of the first tracks from new albums by No Age, Neko Case, The Julie Ruin, and Hunx and His Punx, all of which are most excellent indeed. Elsewhere, there’s cerebral instrumentals from Anna Meredith and Shigeto, a new track from Wise Blood, a super-creepy and curiously compelling video to go with Slava’s new single, and the entire new After Dark 2 compilation, which you can download for free. Click through and get a-listening! … Read More

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Did Kings of Leon Rip Off No Age’s T-Shirts?

Here are two names we didn’t expect to see in the same headline: arena-rock stars Kings of Leon and lo-fi LA punks No Age. We imagine they have somewhere around zero fans in common, but as Marc Hogan at Spin points out, they do kind of share a T-shirt design. In a blog post last night, No Age posted a few photos of a Kings of Leon tee with the caption, “t shirt designs by the kings of originality… looking good.” Indeed, the shirt bears some resemblance to No Age’s signature design, which seems to pre-date KoL’s by a few years: Both feature big, bright, all-caps, multicolored text on a plain, white background. Then again, the T-shirts are also pretty simple, and, as much as we hate to defend Kings of Leon, it’s just as believable to us that their designer came up with the look independently as that he spotted a No Age tee and decided to rip it off. See larger version of both shirts after the jump, and let us know whether you think it’s a copy in the comments. … Read More

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The Flavorpill Mixtape XLI: Gang of Four, No Age, Duck Sauce

September has already been a great month for new music. The offerings in its final week are no exception, and that makes this the perfect moment to bring your regular Flavorpill Mixtape back from hiatus. The new edition features big meaty hooks, future dance anthems, and willowy, whispery songs for fall days — not to mention new offerings from old favorites Gang of Four and No Age — all coming up after the jump. Don’t forget: You can download each track by employing the classic combination of Right Click + Save As or scroll to the bottom of the post to listen to the mix straight through. … Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. Gary Numan (along with a slew of other British musicians), might not make it to Coachella because of the volcanic eruption. [via Brooklyn Vegan]
2. HBO has snagged the rights for three new docs from Oscar-winning director Alex Gibney: Freakonomics, My Trip To Al-Qaeda, and his untitled Eliot Spitzer project. [via The… Read More

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Breaking the Hype Cycle: 10 Buzz Bands That Avoided the Sophomore Slump

By now, the psychedelic Brooklynites in Yeasayer are probably sick of being compared to Animal Collective. So we hope they don’t mind us saying that listening to their second full-length, Odd Blood, this January reminds us of playing AnCo’s Merriweather Post Pavilion at the same time last year — which is to say, as far as we’re concerned, Odd Blood has set the bar for 2010. A 2007 buzz band with the release of debut All Hour Cymbals, Yeasayer have massively overhauled their sound on the new record, trading the devotional and hypnotic for something that’s more upbeat and darkly revelatory.

This reinvention has saved Yeasayer from the sad fate of so many former critical darlings, from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! to Tapes ‘N Tapes to (dare we say it?) Vampire Weekend: that disappointment we call the “sophomore slump.” So, in celebration of Odd Blood, we offer 10 blog-age artists whose second full-lengths lived up to (or surpassed) the promise of their predecessors. … Read More

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What’s on at Flavorpill: Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we were jealous of these six child media prodigies. We wished we’d been the proud owners of the $100,000 comic book — the very first issue of X-Men #1. We looked at some rather impressive face painting art. We wanted to buy some Fight Club soap. We drooled over two Princess Leias sunbathing in gold bikinis. We were frightened by the prospect of Eminem starring in a 3-D horror movie. We wanted to meet Alec Baldwin’s ass double. We were too lazy to download the new No Age song, “In Peril.” We walked around the office in bread slippers. We read some old mags and some notes from a chef’s book tour. And finally, we made some gourmet office snacks. Who knew that shrimp ramen and Mounds went so well… Read More

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What’s on at Flavorpill: Links That Made the Rounds in our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we wanted to write our blog posts using 22 of the world’s most creative alphabets. We wandered into the studio of Flavorpill favorite Marilyn Minter. We were excited to hear that Jonathan Demme plans to make an animated adaption of Dave Eggers’ Katrina book, Zeitoun. We were intrigued by… Read More

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No Age’s New York Take Over

Dean Spunt and Randy Randall jump started No Age in 2007 with five EPs on five labels. These fed Weirdo Rippers, their first full-length release. At just over thirty minutes, in many aspects Weirdo Rippers may well have been just another EP, but critical acclaim suggested it was something more. It played as a succinct introduction, a primer to the L.A. drums and guitar duo who these days, we can’t get stop hearing… Read More

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