Inside FKA twigs’ Deeply Erotic ‘Congregata’ Shows

Halfway through the first of three sold-out shows that constitute the American debut of FKA twigs’ “Congregata” stage show last night (May 17), a group of dancers from New York City’s long-standing ballroom drag and voguing scene took over the stage at Sunset Park’s Brooklyn Hangar. Naturally this burst of energy kicked off with a bit of shade: “Did twigs say she was coming to New York?” their ringleader asked, incredulously. Adorned in varying states of glittering glamour ranging from full drag to low-cut onesies and corsets, these male dancers served up impressive aerial spins and drops, battles driven by hand performance, and plenty of catwalk realness. It was a respite from the show’s stunning high-wire eroticism, and yet the voguing break served to underline the most intoxicating element of twigs’ music: a sense of longing. The crowd still wanted to go deeper with twigs. … Read More

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HBO Orders an End to Beloved ‘Game of Thrones’ Screenings at Videology in Williamsburg

HBO seems to be emulating Game of Thrones’ tale of vehement possessiveness; it has brought down a tiny empire of GOT fandom, ordering a Brooklyn bar … Read More

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Miley Cyrus Enters Bangerz Tour Video in NYC Porn Festival

Miley Cyrus is entering her bondage-themed tour video in the first ever Pornhub-organized NYC Porn Film Festival.

The video first… Read More

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Winter Storm Juno Makes a Yeti: Links You Need to See

If you’re living in New York, you probably spent yesterday and today curled up with a novel — or, if you don’t have the attention span for literature that’s quite so extensive, perhaps you curled up with a Chipotle Cup. You’re also probably wondering, after so many curled up hours, why a massive chunk of the state was shut down for what was not nearly as much snow as was expected from Winter Storm Juno. You’re probably upset that you couldn’t gleefully make snow-people and have snowball fights without somehow feeling like you were dishonoring the utter gravity of reporters’, mayors’, etceteras’ warnings. For those who obeyed and stayed indoors, you can vicariously experience all the literal ups and downs of snowstorm reporting through the miracle of the Internet. We all know there’s nothing better than watching strangers fall on their asses in the snow. … Read More

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Dreamy Photos That Capture the Awe of First-Time New Yorkers

For decades, New York City has been a place for artists, dreamers, families full of hope, and those still stumbling to find their way. Photographer Peter Liepke, whose work we discovered on Faith is Torment, wanted to capture the feeling of arriving in the city for the first time and the awe the landscape inspires. His series Above & Beyond, currently on view at Gallery 270 until January 17, might be his most personal yet:

After growing up in suburban Minnesota as an artist, like many before me, and many more who will continually arrive in NYC each day, we embrace the challenge of wanting to broaden our lives by moving into a bigger arena. For this series I wanted to go back and attempt to remember my feelings or first impressions upon arriving in NYC as an outsider for the first time well over twenty years ago.

What makes Liepke’s work so striking is his platinum/palladium and gum bichromate processing. The techniques add an otherworldly feeling to a city that embraces so many different people every day. … Read More

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Old New York Was Sexier Than New New York: Links You Need to See

There’s nothing more to be said about NYC’s general scrubbing-up and watering-down that took place during the Giuliani and Bloomberg years. We’ve all generally accepted that New York (Manhattan in particular) is headed toward upperclass oblivion. And these new (somewhat NSFW) photos by Arlene Gottfried, taken during the ’70s and ’80s (and compiled in her book Sometimes Overwhelming), show a New York that is just generally more interesting than anything you’ll see on, say, Humans of New York. … Read More

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Taylor Swift is NYC’s New Tourism Ambassador

Following last night’s release of 1989–which starts off with the much-maligned song “Welcome to New York”–Taylor Swift has partnered with NYC… Read More

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History Begins Here: Starting a Legacy in NYC

Presented by Cole Haan

Proving that substance is the best style, earlier this month we teamed up with Cole Haan to present the Inspiration Workshop at Wallplay on NYC’s Lower East Side. Against the backdrop of New York Fashion Week, General Assembly teachers helped unlock guests’ potential via intimate classes like Sales Bootcamp and Cracking the Glass Ceiling. The Sketchbook Project inspired us with their mobile library of thousands of artist, inventor, author, and philanthropist notebooks. And evening panel discussions highlighted the incredible stories, successes, and challenges of driven and creative pioneers like the Mr. Gif team and Jerri Chou of The Feast. We hope you came away empowered. If you missed our Inspiration Workshop, check out our video recap and pics of the entire event, and learn why History Begins Here. … Read More

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