The Best of NYFW Interpreted As Obscure Architecture

With New York Fashion Week drawing to a close, we thought we’d hand out a few unofficial awards to recap the week of mayhem and highlight what stood out in and around the collections. Given the branded whirlwind the event’s become, we decided to focus back on the art of it all, lest anyone forgot their proverbial way in the cab between Milk and Cafe Gitane. With comparisons to similarly inspiring work from our other favorite design discipline, we’ve given the genius some context, illustrating that the new guard is taking fashion to another level entirely.

From Prabal Gurung’s mind blowing show to the best street style moments, the week has solidly confirmed that New York City is the place to be if you’re a young designer today. Click through to see our unconventional round up of the week’s best and brightest, and then let us know in the comments what collections, events, or escapades made an impact on you. … Read More

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Photo Diary: New York Fashion Week

The internet is home to a glut of information on how to fake your way in to New York Fashion Week (seriously, Google it). But for the hundreds who desperately want in there are thousands who don’t understand why this week, or its worldwide counterparts, matter. New York Fashion Week has become an arena housing a spectacle of sartorial gladiators, a place to see and be seen, and a bit of an enigma to those who don’t work within the industry. … Read More

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