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Watch Orson Welles’ Long-Lost, Pre-‘Citizen Kane’ Movie ‘Too Much Johnson’

Back in 1938, 23-year-old theatrical whiz kid Orson Welles had a bang-up idea: for his Mercury Theatre’s upcoming production… Read More

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Conventional Filmmakers Who Made Adult Films

Adult cinema pioneer Radley Metzger is the subject of a new retrospective at the Film Society of Lincoln Center through August 13. This Is Softcore: The Art Cinema Erotica of Radley Metzger explores the New York City sexploitation director’s colorful career as an erotica auteur and his crossover into the hardcore porn industry. We feature more on Metzger, below — along with a few other “conventional” filmmakers who made the jump into adult cinema. … Read More

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The Many Literary Adaptations of Orson Welles

It’s notable that in My Lunches With Orson — the collection of taped conversations between Orson Welles and Henry Jaglom in the last years of the Citizen Kane director’s life — Welles mentions writers Jean-Paul Sartre, Jorge Luis Borges, Dwight Macdonald, James Agee, Joan Didion, and John O’Hara… but in the capacity of their film criticism, not their novels or nonfiction. Reading the conversations, it becomes clear that Welles was a big reader and obviously had a love for great literature — something also evidenced by the many film adaptations of literature he had a hand in. Here’s a selection of the most interesting. … Read More

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10 Essential Mod Movies

Considering the heavy cycles of biker movies, hippie trip flicks, and “Blaxpoitation” epics that took over drive-in screens and movie theaters around the world in the late 1960s and early 1970s, it’s a little surprising that the mods were so oddly underrepresented in cinema. But enough representations of the culture made their way into the movies for us to present this little primer of mod at the movies. … Read More

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20 Mind-Bending Movies Guaranteed to Make You Feel Stupid

In 1991, following his brilliant The Thin Blue Line, director Errol Morris attempted something even harder than getting an innocent man off Death Row: making Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time into an accessible, audience-friendly, major motion picture. The resulting film is, at long last, available on DVD and Blu-ray via Criterion. It’s awfully good — though its in-depth discussions of quantum mechanics and black holes and the Big Bang are bound to make those of us who nodded off in science class feel a bit out of our element. Then again, some movies, with their convoluted storylines or surrealistic imagery or intellectual subject matter, have the unintended side effect of merely spotlighting our intellectual shortcomings. Here are a few others that made us feel just a little… Read More

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10 Famous Film Scripts and What You Can Learn from Them

Thanks to the glory of the internet, we no longer need film school to offer us a peek at the minds behind some of cinema’s greatest works. Scripts for classic movies are available online and can teach us a thing or two about visionary writing. We looked at the scripts of ten famous films for a few pointers on compelling stories, fascinating characters, and the power of… Read More

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10 Great Films Set in Seedy Subcultures

A poetry major (Emma Roberts) finances her literary dreams with a gig at a sex shop in Scott Coffey’s new indie comedy, Adult World. For some critics, the story was nothing more than another “oh-poor-me take on post-collegiate struggles in the cold, cruel 21st Century.” Still, we were mostly interested in the setting, which seems ripe for colorful characterizations, as past films set in seedy subcultures have proven. Here are ten movies that ventured to the sordid underground for our amusement and fascination. … Read More

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12 Abandoned Movies by Famous Screenwriters

Hollywood, this is why you can’t have nice things. A couple of weeks back, word broke that Quentin Tarantino had finished a new screenplay called The Hateful Eight, described as a Western with plum roles for recent Best Actor nominee (and Django Unchained bit player) Bruce Dern and Tarantino fave Christoph Waltz, and there was much rejoicing. That celebration ended earlier this week, when Tarantino discovered that the script had been leaked and pulled the plug on the entire project. But his unproduced script is in good company; here are a few other famous abandoned screenplays we’d love to have… Read More

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5 Tales of Hollywood “Love Children” That Are Stranger and Sadder Than the Farrows

Like most of the people on the Internet, we here at Flavorwire spent yesterday wondering if Ronan Farrow really was really fathered by Woody Allen. It’s hard not to suspect that the Farrows, plural, are just screwing around with the media, who they probably knew would love this rumor; a thousand art directors no doubt spent yesterday trying to find pictures of Ronan and Sinatra with their heads held at similar angles. Sure, the tabloids were not abuzz with a possible affair, but that means little, and then there’s the fact that in her memoirs, Sinatra’s last wife recounts having to persuade Frank to take a painting of Mia out of the master bedroom. Clearly some kind of flame was still alive, paternity or no. … Read More

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