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Your Favorite Indie Record Stores Explain Why a Global Album Release Day Is a Bad Idea

A few weeks back, it was announced that the record industry had decided that from August, all albums around the globe will be released on Fridays. Well, some of the record industry had decided. For independent record stores in North America and the UK, though, the shift from Mondays and Tuesdays, respectively, doesn’t make much sense. “Friday and Saturday are your busy days anyway,” says Josh Madell, cofounder of Other Music, one of lower Manhattan’s last great indie record stores. “Why concentrate everything at the end of the week?” … Read More

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The Morning's Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. New York City indie record store Other Music is starting its own label “with an eye toward showcasing underground music in New York and reissuing albums by foreign artists” that will be an imprint of Fat Possum. “It’s just something we have wanted to do for a long time,” says co-owner Josh Madell. “Despite… Read More

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America’s 10 Greatest Indie Record Stores

A few weeks ago, we published our list of the country’s top 10 bookstores, a response to those who browse but don’t buy and those who would abandon paperbacks and hardcovers for the realm of eBooks. It generated so much discussion it inspired us to put together another roundup of shops for culture vultures: America’s best independent music stores. Although, in general, they seem to be doing much better than their chain competitors in this era of declining CD sales and renewed interest in vinyl records, legendary outlets still go out of business all the time — like, most recently, beloved NY and LA hip-hop destination Fat Beats.

This list isn’t just our opinion: It’s the result of recommendations from Flavorpill staff and readers (who weighed in via Facebook). Add to our celebration of indie music stores around the country by leaving your picks in the comments. … Read More

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Retro Recommendations: Here We Go Magic’s Pigeons

Welcome back to Retro Recommendations. This week’s guest contributor is Josh Madell, co-founder of New York City’s Other Music, and he’s got a set of listening suggestions for you based on the new Here We Go Magic release, Pigeons. “The second full-length from Luke Temple’s Here We Go Magic is the first that he has recorded with his five-piece touring band (the debut was home-recorded and multi-tracked all by his lonesome),” explains Madell. “As such, it’s not surprising that there is more immediacy, energy and groove on Pigeons, and these proggy, psychedelic indie-pop songs float by buoyed not just by Temple’s hooky, bell-clear vocal melodies, but also great ensemble playing.” … Read More

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