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The Unknowable Tilda Swinton: Links You Need to See

Tilda Swinton. The ease with which those words escape your mouth, almost as if they were beautiful, dying breaths. Few names conjure up more than just the image of the thing they represent. But with Tilda Swinton, it’s more than just her shorn locks and peaked cheek bones that appear. It’s contradictions. It’s just… spirits. Good, bad, religious or otherwise: Tilda Swinton is spirits. Unknowable spirits. … Read More

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10 Literary Misquotations You Can Buy Right Now

It all started with the T-shirt below, which exhibits a feminist appropriation of an Ayn Rand quote. Big news! Détournement! Or is it? It seems that the original phrasing was twisted a little — edited, if you will — into the form you see on the shirt. The words on the shirt, in other words, are not the words in the book. The quotation on the T-shirt is a misquotation.

But any curmudgeon can hurl a list of misquotations at the reading public. Instead, we’ve decided to gather a list of items featuring misquotations that you can buy right now, just in time to round out your misquotation wardrobe or library this holiday season. … Read More

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10 “Retired” Musicians Who Broke Their Word

Perhaps you heard the screams of your younger sister and cousins on Christmas Eve as they scrolled through Twitter on their smart phones in between rolling their eyes at whatever conversation your dad and your uncle were having that night. Clearly nothing was more important than the shocking announcement that Justin Bieber would be retiring from music at the tender age of 19. Did you make any attempts to console them, suggesting that maybe, like many other musicians before him, Bieber might be a little dramatic (he did, after all, follow that tweet with one saying, “I’M HERE FOREVER”)? Maybe you can assure them that Bieber, like a few of these famous music acts, might come back around again. … Read More

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Hilarious (And Often Adorable) Photos of Debauched Musicians With Cute Animals

A couple of weeks back, we amused ourselves (and hopefully you too) with a bunch of hilarious photos of debauched rock stars with cute kids. Ever since, we’ve been mulling over the natural follow-up — photos of debauched rock stars with cute animals. Click through for pictures of suitably party-loving musicians enjoying tender moments with dogs, cats, tortoises, three-toed sloths, and one terrified… Read More

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20 Hilarious (And Often Adorable) Photos of Debauched Rock Stars With Cute Kids

Many awesome Stooges-related things have come out of the last week or so, not least the band’s new album (which is actually quite good) and their killer performance at New York’s Le Poisson Rouge. But perhaps most awesome of all is the photo that’s been making the rounds of Iggy clutching two kids in junior versions of his trademark sequined jeans. They look terrified, he looks delighted, and the whole thing is many kinds of awesome. So, in a similar spirit, here’s a selection of other debauched rock stars with cute kids. You’re… Read More

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In Defense of Lip-Synching: 5 Artists Who Could Have Used the Help

Everyone is freaking out because Beyoncé lip-synched “The Star-Spangled Banner” at yesterday’s inauguration; you can even compare a clip of her rehearsing with the final version. As Kristin DuBois, a representative for the United States Marine Band, explained, “All music is pre-recorded for the ceremony because there are so many eventualities and conditions that day. We performed, live, the band. But we received last-minute word that Beyoncé was going to use the pre-recorded vocal track. Those were the instructions we were given. We don’t know what the reason why.”

Interesting. But if history has shown us anything, it’s that when you’re performing at a major public event, sometimes erring on the side of pre-recorded caution can be a good thing. Don’t believe us? Here’s all the proof you need. … Read More

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Famous Moments in Music History as 8-Bit GIFs

Musician Joshua Carrafa’s epic Tumblr project Music History In Gifs is nothing short of amazing… if you like music, GIFs, and bit art. We’re literally torn between which amazing animated moment to spotlight here. The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show? Prince’s famous transformation into a symbol? The Nirvana Nevermind baby? Metallica vs. Napster? Tupac against the world? See our favorite GIFs in the slideshow below! … Read More

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TV’s Most Notoriously Short-Lived Shows

While perusing today’s new DVD releases, your film editor was nearly prompted to a coffee spit take by one particular title: Warner Archive’s release of, and I quote, “Emily’s Reasons Why Not: The Complete Series.” You see, I remember Emily’s, ABC’s well-publicized 2006 Heather Graham sitcom that aired exactly one time before being unceremoniously yanked from the air. “Ha ha,” I thought to myself. “31 bucks is a lot of money to ask for a thirty-minute disc,” and I laughed and laughed. That’s not the whole story, of course; there are actually seven episodes of “the complete series” (though that’s still a pretty hefty price tag); six more where already in the bank when ABC pulled the show due to poor reviews and low ratings. (Funny thing: its 6.2 million viewers would be a pretty comfortable debut in today’s slipping TV environment.) But it was far from the first show to get tossed in the dumpster before it could find an audience. After the jump, we’ve compiled just a few TV series that were put out to pasture notoriously early in their runs. … Read More

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10 New Must-Reads for October

As we ease our way into the scariest month of the year, it’s time again for us to present our list of the most exciting books due to grace our shelves in the weeks to come. This month, take your pick from October’s virtual smorgasbord of books, and whether your pleasures lie in zombies, genetic anomalies, poetry, God, hell, love triangles or some combination of the above, you’ll find something to like here. Or maybe several somethings — after all, the weather’s getting chilly, and nothing compliments a cup of tea better than a great book. Click through to see our preview of the best bets for great reading this month, and let us know which books you can’t wait to read in the comments. … Read More

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Folsom Prison Blues: Vintage Mug Shots of Musicians

Just this week, Ja Rule turned himself in to start a 2 -year jail sentence connected with a 2007 crime, which has gotten us thinking. Maybe it’s just us, but musicians seem to land themselves in a little bit more trouble than people of other professions. Maybe it’s because they’re living the high life, thinking they can get away with it all, or maybe they’re just negatively influenced by their surroundings, but we think it probably has something to do with the same personality trait that makes them want to be performers in the first place. Just a theory, though. In any event, we were inspired to dig up a few vintage mugshots of famous musicians, many of which are actually quite beautiful in and of themselves, although that could just be Sinatra’s good looks shining through. Click through for our round-up of vintage musician mugshots, and let us know what you think in the comments! … Read More

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