Mind-blowing Recreations of Everyday Objects Made from Paper

Artist Vincent Tomczyk sees himself as part craftsman and part engineer, constructing what he considers to be “biographies of people, experiences, and interpretations of intangible ideas.” The artist’s incredibly realistic sculptures are mind-blowing recreations of everyday objects made from paper. However, Tomczyk wants us to see the emotion and expression contained within — free of its function. This is perhaps best seen in Tomczyk’s chairs, which are full of personality and contain the creases, gaps, and blemishes that develop from years of use. He’s currently creating more chairs in his studio. See more of Tomczyk’s impressive objects, which we first discovered on Colossal, in our gallery. … Read More

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Giant Cardboard Boom Box Invades Berlin!

Look out, Berliners! Turn down the wrong side street and you might find yourself caught in the shadow of an enormous, hulking… boom box?! If you encounter this rare spectacle, don’t run — just count yourself lucky, because you’ve spotted one of designer Bartek Elsner’s Paperstuff projects. Created as a counterpoint to the digital work Elsner spends most of his time on, the series also includes papercraft street surveillance cameras, a posh faux fireplace set up on a corner, cardboard VCR setups and weaponry. Click through to see some of our favorite pieces from the collection, which we spotted via iGNANT, and visit Elsner’s website for more. … Read More

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The Stories Behind Words Told in Beautiful Paper Animations

We’re dedicated word-nerds here at Flavorpill, so it’s no surprise that we’re head over heels in love with Mysteries of Vernacular, a great project from Myriapod Productions that tells the etymological stories behind common words through gorgeous, smoothly narrated papercraft animations. Currently, there are only videos for four words, but eventually the project will cover all 26 letters of the alphabet, and needless to say, we can’t wait. See a few of our favorites from the current offerings after the jump, and if you want to hurry the process along, you might consider making a donation. … Read More

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Fideli Sundqvist’s Intricate Papercraft Food Still Lifes

Paper and glue have always had childish connotations in our minds. It might have something to do with our experience fashioning paper turkeys and cone hats when we were five — not exactly works of aesthetic genius. But Swedish artist Fideli Sundqvist has changed our perspective on making food out of paper. Her three-dimensional creations, which we spotted on Trendland, are incredibly detailed and realistic, giving her work the look of a classic Dutch still life. Check out some of our favorite images after the jump, and then be sure to head over to Sundqvist’s website to see even more. … Read More

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Jonathan Brand Is Building a Papercraft 1969 Ford Mustang to Scale

The art of papercraft has generally been relegated to the domain of geek culture. You see lots of superheroes and anime character and other cool oddities all the time. Rarely do you see someone attempt a papercrafting project quite like artist Jonathan Brand’s. Since 2010, he’s been working his way through a 1:1 model of a 1969 Mustang coupe, beginning with the tires, then the engine, and eventually, he hopes, the entire car. “When finished every part of the 1969 Mustang coupe that I restored and sold to purchase a diamond engagement ring will be recreated,” Brand says.

The engine is fabulous all in one piece, but given that he is recreating every car part used to assemble the classic car in obsessive detail — yes, there are papercraft lug nuts — it becomes considerably more impressive. Check out our photo gallery of Brand’s progress after the jump and let us know what you think. … Read More

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