Yes, ‘Saturday Night Live’ Can and Should Make Fun of ISIS

The headlines on Sunday declared that Saturday Night Live was “blasted” for its ISIS parody ad which “sparked controversy” and “stirred outrage.” While the condemnations weren’t as widespread as headlines would have us think, it’s certainly true that many viewers on the Internet declared that the sketch “crossed the line.” … Read More

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8 Cinematic Caricatures About the Absurdity of Pop Culture

Federico Fellini introduced us to the “sweet life” in his 1960 comedy La dolce vita, which received the Criterion Blu-ray treatment this week. The distributor writes: … Read More

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For Flavorwire, the Future of Celebrity Op-Eds Is a Love Story

Where will you be in 20 seconds, 30 seconds, 50 seconds? Will you have clicked out of this link already?

Before I tell you my thoughts on the matter, you should know that you’re reading the opinion of an enthusiastic optimist: one of the few living souls in journalism who still believes that celebrity op-eds are not dying… they’re just coming alive. … Read More

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Watch 'The Hunger Games' Reenacted by Beanie Babies

If you haven’t had enough Hunger Games hype this weekend, we’ve got a pretty plush treat for you. “The Beanie Baby Hunger Games,” created by Jeff Luppino-Esposito & Jamie T. McCelland, is exactly what it sounds like — The Hunger Games acted out by Beanie Babies — and it’s actually remarkably true to the books. Follow stuffed blue jay “Katniss Everbean” as she volunteers at the reaping, heads to the Capitol (which looks suspiciously like Times Square), and is hurled into the games themselves, with good old Peeta, a bright yellow duck, at her side. Not only is this a clever, well-executed idea, we also think it’s a pretty solid way to make use of all those old Beanie Babies — after all, you know you’ve always wanted to set at least a couple of them on fire. Click through to watch the video, and let us know how you think it holds up against the actual film in the comments. … Read More

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What if The Social Network Was About YouTube?

So what would happen if David Fincher’s upcoming film The Social Network was actually about the founders of YouTube rather than Facebook? Then it would look something like Jeff Loveness’ super melodramatic (and rather hilarious) parody trailer. And, it probably goes without saying, there would be more sneezing pandas. … Read More

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The Worst Old Spice Guy Parodies

The Old Spice Guy viral advertising campaign has solidified itself as one of the most successful and beloved ways a company has tricked consumers into buying their product in a long time. Things got so crazy in fact that last week he was forced to retire. So it’s not hard to believe that meme-chasers have been parodying the Old Spice Guy like crazy, just hoping to achieve a little bit of internet fame and glory themselves — with mixed results. Click through to view 10 of the worst Old Spice Guy parodies on the internet, and be sure to think twice before making your own. … Read More

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The 10 Best Video Game-Inspired Viral Videos

There tends to be quite a bit of overlap between the common video game and internet media fans. Due to this similarity in users, we are lucky enough to be amidst a golden age of video game themed viral media, with new additions to this genre seemingly every few weeks. To commemorate the latest meme of this geek canon, Stop Motion Sticky Note Mario, we have collected the ten best video game inspired viral… Read More

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The Pains of Being Modern at Heart

You’ve done it! You’ve taken that shoddy rancher with a responsibly small footprint and updated it with double-paned windows, LEED-certified cladding, a sod roof that recycles water runoff, and a tasteful smattering of Eames chairs and DWR Tools for Living. Next stop: page 64-67 of Dwell! But sometimes being profiled in the leading eco-friendly shelter porn publication* (printed on recycled paper with soy-based ink) isn’t enough to cure the homeowner blues. Some of these people look straight up depressed. Others, well, maybe we’re just projecting. That’s where Unhappy Hipsters comes in. Taking unintentionally hilarious images from back issues of Dwell and adding pithy commentary turns the mag’s tagline from “At Home in the Modern World” to “In Hell in the Modern World.” See for yourself after the jump, plus a fill-in-the-caption… Read More

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