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Photo Gallery: Flavorpill’s Heineken Serenade Party in NYC

Remember that Heineken commercial “The Date” from last year? You know, the one that was so entertaining, you didn’t even mind the fact that it was an ad and most likely watched it ten times in a row on YouTube? (If you did miss it, take 90 seconds to see what all the fuss was about.) Well, just in time for Valentine’s Day, the fantastically strange band from that spot is back, and now they’re at your beck and call in Heineken’s hilarious Serenade app. You can use the app to create a custom video for your object of desire, highlighting his/her special qualities while sending an invitation to do anything from karaoke to hot-lava surfing.

To celebrate the spirit of the serenade, we teamed with Heineken to throw a party at New York City’s Hiro Ballroom last week. Compered by comedian Dave Hill, the evening featured an onstage singing competition backed by the notorious live rock n’ roll karaoke band from Arlene’s Grocery and a live feed from a simultaneous bash in Amsterdam. Click through for our exclusive gallery of photos from the night, and then start creating a serenade of your own. … Read More

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Cape Town ’60s Party Photos: Never Mind the Apartheid [NSFW]

These shots of Beehived, boozed up, breast-flashing gals, slumped-over sailors and tongue-entwined couples were shot by nightclub bouncer Billy Monk between 1967 and 1969 in Cape Town, South Africa. Removing themselves from the reality of the ongoing apartheid, these festive folk fled to the Les Catacombs and nearby clubs to drunkenly dance away their ambivalence or guilt. Monk captured intimate moments and dizzy vignettes of the wilder ones and sold them their prints. Ten years after he abandoned the hobby, another photographer found the contact sheets and negatives in Monk’s studio and organized his first gallery show in 1982. Monk never made it — he was shot dead in a fight on the way to the exhibit.

Decades later, these (occasionally mildly NSFW) vintage party shots could invoke clashing feelings: amusement, disbelief, disgust, delight. Come along with us to this strange celebration and see where it takes you. … Read More

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Letters from the Bush: Newmindspace’s Homecoming Bash

Last week Leah Taylor told you about Newmindspace — “purveyors of pillow fights, subway parties, and roaming, urban games of capture the flag” — and sat down for an interview with founder Kevin Bracken. On Saturday night, Flavorwire headed out to a Brooklyn loft for the group’s NYC homecoming party, and our photographer friend Mike Newman came along to document the evening.

His photo diary of our long, strange night after the jump. … Read More

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Sundance Film Festival 2009, Night 3 [Party Pics]

Despite the winter chill, Saturday night at Sundance sizzled. The hot ticket of the night was the premiere party for Ashton Kutcher’s new sex comedy, Spread, which drew the likes of “Dashmi’, Anthony Kiedis, Slash, Alan Cumming and plenty of others. In honor of the occasion, a special Le Tourment Vert absinthe cocktail was mixed in vials and distributed by a scantily clad green fairy with charismatic mixologists from LA hotspot, The Edison, also whipping up a bevy of green delights.

Other highlights of the night included:

Flavorwire girl-about-town Bess Devenow touting the virtues of LTV to Ashton Kutcher.

While a well-known blond socialite clad in a leopard print coat arrived with her recently crowned BFF, her new friend just might have some competition. Paris was seen cozying up with the green fairy and taking a handful of mini green cocktails for the road. Attagirl!

After the party at the Lift wound down, the crew hightailed it to Tao where a cast of characters including Gael Garcia Bernal, Robin Thicke and Russell Simmons partied till the wee hours of the morning. … Read More

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Sundance Film Festival 2009, Night 2 [Party Pics]

What do these celebrities have in common? They all really seem to like absinthe cocktails — or at least that’s what Le Tourment Vert’s little green fairy (pictured after the jump) told us. Some of them (rhymes with “Lesley Types”) maybe even a little too much. Don’t forget the altitude change; you’ve got to keep it together for those hard hitting interviews. Stay tuned for more party pics from The Lift courtesy of our friend Nate “Igor” Smith from … Read More

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Sundance Film Festival 2009, Opening Night [Party Pics]

The nightlife scene for this year’s festival got underway last night with a party thrown at The Sundance Lift in honor of the opening night film, Mary and Max. The crowd packed in under the tent at the base of the life to congratulate the film’s director Adam Elliot and producer Melanie Coombs — or maybe it free flowing Le Tourment Vert absinthe cocktails that lured them in. Sting was on hand to get stung by the legendary green fairy, and so were the other happy festival goers featured in photographs after the jump. … Read More

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