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‘Duck Dynasty,’ Paula Deen, and the Hypocrisy of TV’s Red State Obsession

I didn’t really understand what Duck Dynasty was until this morning. As someone who grew up in a rural town in Virginia, there’s nothing I want to see less than a cable reality series about so-called backwards Southern folk; I avoid it for the same reason that I avoided Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, because I feel like I know those people, and I also feel like those shows are laughing at them, not with them. Despite Duck Dynasty‘s runaway success, it’s not for me. … Read More

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The Naughty List: The Most Hated Pop Cultural Icons of 2013

What a year it’s been, full of wonderfully interesting people and movies and music and books. And yet, there were still plenty of things that made us angry, shaking our clenched fists at our computer screens and leaving angry anonymous comments on various blogs. Most of our ire, though, was directed toward famous people who managed to get a lot of attention for doing stupid stuff, saying stupid stuff, or being generally stupid. While Flavorwire, like everyone else, likes to share what we loved the most this year, let’s take a quick moment to remember those who drove us bonkers in 2013. Take a look at our picks, and leave your own grievances in the comments! … Read More

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Who to Dress as for Halloween If You Want to Start a Fight

Look, anyone can wheel out the same old mildly risqué “controversial” Halloween costumes to make a splash at this year’s parties — but seriously, if you really want to make an impression (while avoiding being an utter, utter fuckwit), you need something contemporary. With that in mind, here are some suggestions for topical pop culture costumes that will genuinely terrify your friends. Watch everyone cower in terror — or, if they’re drunk, maybe pick a fight with you — as you emerge from the bathroom as any of this lot. You’re welcome! … Read More

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BREAKING: Paula Deen Still Quite Racist, Lawsuit Dismissal Notwithstanding

We shall never be free of Paula Deen, it seems. The latest is that yesterday, a federal judge in Georgia dismissed certain parts of a lawsuit filed by a former employee of Paula Deen’s restaurant empire. The former employee, Lisa Jackson, exposed the infamous comments Deen made about wanting a “true southern plantation-style wedding” in her complaint. She further claimed that even as a white person, she’d “suffered from the racially discriminatory humiliation of her African-American staff.” The judge quite rightly suggested that although this was certainly a less than ideal situation for Ms. Jackson as a manager of said staff, she was at best “an accidental victim of the alleged racial discrimination.” … Read More

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Paula Deen’s Apologetic ‘Today Show’ Appearance Speaks Volumes, Accomplishes Little

At long last, Paula Deen has spoken out in response to the comments she made in a deposition that alluded to her cavalier use of racial slurs. Well, she’s spoken to a real-life human rather than a camera, and this time wasn’t able to self-edit her remarks for a YouTube apology. The celebrity cook, recently dropped from the Food Network, appeared on The Today Show this morning to chat with Matt Lauer after ditching her appearance last Friday. And what did we learn? That Paula Deen is sad and upset and feels real bad about all that happened. … Read More

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