‘Grantchester’ Episode 6 Recap: Season Finale

After six episodes, it’s time to say a temporary goodbye to our gruff inspector and young vicar with a drinking problem. And although they seemed like clichés at first, they have become so much more to us over this season. The finale puts Sidney on the other side of the metaphorical confessional, and boy does he need to give his sins some air.

This episode begins with a flashback: Sidney meeting Amanda for the first time in years, at The National Gallery. They flirt over the paintings, and she swears she’ll never get married. She even jokes that she hates everyone her dad has picked for her and gives Sidney veto power over his picks!

Flash forward to the present, and find Sidney gazing at Amanda’s wedding invitation, and weeping. … Read More

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‘Grantchester’ Episode 5 Recap

The Sidney-Geordie bromance takes a trip to London for a boy’s night that turns dark, and almost operatically so, in this excellent if sad penultimate episode. … Read More

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‘Grantchester’ Episode 4 Recap

We begin a Very Serious Episode of our favorite hot vicar-as-detective show with a flashback that looks a lot like what we’ve been seeing every time Sidney has PTSD. Sidney and a young, handsome friend are surveying the remains of a battle in a forest far away, when gunfire erupts out of nowhere. It doesn’t look good for Sidney’s friend.

Then, we’re back in Grantchester. The new puppy Sidney’s been gifted by Amanda wakes Sidney and Leonard up. There’s a house fire nearby. Sidney runs through the burning interior and rescues the wife of the family, Marion Taylor, who was sitting, stunned, in the midst of the flames. This is no lighthearted caper. … Read More

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‘Grantchester’ Episode 3 Recap

Love and matrimony are the themes at work as this third episode of the ever-more-enticing Grantchester opens. Amanda and Guy want Sidney to officiate their marriage (of-convenience), even though our Vicar’s heart is clearly being contorted more painfully than his obedience to the Ten Commandments has been recently.

Could you be more cruel, Amanda? After a bit of cursory counseling, Sidney agrees to apply for permission to perform the ceremony from the diocese. But soon he’s burying his sorrows in the drink. The next day Sidney has a wicked hangover, even as the new (clearly gay) curate arrives, looking to Sidney for mentorship. … Read More

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‘Grantchester’ Episode 2 Recap

A party at a country house. A purloined ring. Murder and seduction. This is the week that Grantchester gets really juicy as the mystery surrounds Sidney and his sister’s friends from school, a universally snobby lot who all act like they’ve got something to hide. The occasion for their gathering? Amanda’s engagement party, which Sidney is loath to attend — given his feelings for the bride — but for his sister’s pleas. … Read More

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‘Downton Abbey’ Has Finally Become the Soap Opera Its Critics Always Said It Was

Like a town crier, I spent much of the year before Downton Abbey first aired stateside telling my friends and family, “You will watch this and you will love it.” And throughout its first two seasons, I remained a diehard follower. Should this not already be clear, I have quite the soft spot for British period drama, particularly when it takes place in a glorious Great House, is rife with class overtones, and oozes sentimentality and snobbery. … Read More

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25 British Period Drama Mini-Series You Can Watch Right Now

Dear readers, the holidays are here! Perhaps your family is squabbling, or your friends are worrying about where to go and whom to kiss when the ball drops, and the youngest folks in your life are playing with their toys and…you can’t take it anymore. You just want to spend some quality time with people who really get you.

People with British accents, bad or good. People in elaborate costumes. People who reappear in multiple-episode arcs. People, dear readers, who are the characters in sentimentality and scheme-saturated British television.

Well, we’ve got your back. So don your favorite wearable blanket, pour yourself a glass of something delicious, and check out these streaming British (or British-ish) period drama mini-series that are available right now.

(Note: we’re linking you to paid services but plenty of these can be watched with a clever Google search or two. Shh!) … Read More

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‘Death Comes to Pemberley’ Episode 2 Recap

After a first episode full of intrigue and bad dialogue and fissures in the Darcy marriage, we begin this week’s installment with Lizzy in a, well, a tizzy. She’s worried that Darcy doesn’t want anything to do with her anymore. She recollects all the awful things First Proposal Darcy said to her about her crazy family and their lower station and their impropriety, things that insulted her but were also sort of true. Jane is there, and offers words of wisdom (or wizzy?) but it cannot be helped: someone is NOT looking back on the past only as it gives her happiness, and her name is Elizabeth Darcy. … Read More

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‘Death Comes to Pemberley’ Premiere Recap

Death came to Pemberley last night. Yet if we were lucky, it was not death by boredom, which was a risk we may have incurred while reading the novel upon which the mini-series is based. But let us think of the past only as it gives us happiness. Expect lots of Austen inside-witticisms as we recap this solid BBC adaptation of a mediocre Austen sequel together. … Read More

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