Stephanie Meyers Kills Her Gods, Well, Vampires Actually: Links You Need to See

It’s hardly news that HBO loves to revel in female nudity, but it is newsworthy that there’s finally a great spoof of the situation. If you’ve still been quietly enjoying your Twilight trilogy, it’s time to go deeper into hiding because it seems that even Stephanie Meyers hates the series. Thirty years ago the… Read More

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What Your Favorite Comic Says About You

Yesterday, at long last, the paperback edition of The Complete Calvin and Hobbes hit stores. As far as we can tell, there is a certain kind of person who really goes gaga for Calvin and Hobbes — the person who as a kid loved to tromp through the forest all day and come home to read on the couch with a fat hot chocolate at night, who maybe saw things a little differently than those pesky grownups — and that got us to thinking. While being into comics already gets you into the first stage of nerdery, the stories the form brings us range from the serious to the goofball, the superhero to the realist, so there’s no real way to lump comic fans all together. So what does your favorite comic (or graphic novel, just to be inclusive) say about you? Find out after the jump — and let us know if we’ve hit the nail on the head or if you’re plotting our demise in the comments. … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in the Office

Today at Flavorpill, we completely freaked out over this brilliant X-Men/Peanuts mashup. We were glad to see that Vulture agrees with us on who the biggest asshole on HBO is. (Hint: He’s on Game of Thrones.) We were surprised by the racy pin-up art that you can find on… Read More

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9 TV Characters Who Hate Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day, folks! To celebrate this lovey-dovey occasion, we’ve been enjoying everything from a romantic witch house DJ mix to love-themed DIY projects to Downton Abbey Valentine’s cards. Now, it’s time to honor those who might be slightly less enthusiastic about the annual February festivities. Y’know — those who would rather toy with others’ restaurant reservations and invent alternative holidays for the 14th. Anna Howard Shaw Day, anyone? Check out a collection of TV characters who hate Valentine’s Day after the jump, and hit the comments to let us know of the other lovable Valentine’s Grinches that have graced your TV screen. … Read More

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FlavMD: Diagnosing 10 Quirky Kids’ Characters

Have you ever wondered if The Count’s extreme affinity for counting stems from a numeral-based neurological condition? Or if Belle from Beauty and the Beast really just had Stockholm Syndrome? Sometimes, kids’ film and TV characters are just plain diagnosable.  Not in a bad way — just in a way that, if these characters existed in real life, their quirkiest qualities might be explained by a few fascinating syndromes and conditions that most of us never knew existed. We decided to channel our inner Lucy van Pelt, check out a few quirky characters’ symptoms, and lightheartedly diagnose them with some of the world’s most peculiar conditions. Read on for some foreign accents, sun-sneezes, and blue people; the doctor is in. … Read More

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The Peanuts Gang Meets H.P. Lovecraft

A few weeks back we tipped you off to a fantastic series of illustrations currently in the works from DeviantART user DrFaustusAU that reimagines H.P. Lovecraft’s The Call of Cthulu as a rhyming Dr. Seuss book. Today, thanks to our friends over at io9, we bring you an equally entertaining tribute: artist Julien Bazinet’s Lovecraft-inspired Peanuts comics. Click through to take a look at his work, and if you find yourself craving even more Lovecraftian laughs, then check out this hilarious McSweeney’s piece that imagines the famed author’s brief tenure as a Whitman Sampler copywriter. … Read More

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Cartoon Parents We Always Wondered About

Cartoon parents. They raise our favorite cartoon children and walk our favorite cartoon dogs, but how much do we really know about these often elusive elders? And why are they so awful at monitoring their children? Every now and again, writers like to throw us for a loop, leaving us with some lingering questions about the fuzzily sketched parents on the cartoons of our ’90s youth. What’s up with Phil and Lil’s mom on Rugrats? Where’s Mr. Davis in Toy Story? Why is Patti Mayonnaise’s dad in a wheelchair? All of these mysteries and more after the jump. … Read More

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