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Hip Hop’s Craziest Art: The Best Pen & Pixel Album Covers


We’ll admit it: while we admire the lyrical genius displayed on Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and the musical elasticity of Big Boi’s Sir Lucious Left Foot, we have a certain soft spot in our heart for the halcyon, pre-recession days of southern rap. You know, when three cars were always better than two, and rappers whose names we can no longer recall sported Rolexes the size of Rick Ross.

This is why, when news reached us recently that Lil’ Romeo was relaunching that paragon of hedonisitc dirty south rap, No Limit Records, under the online-distribution-only moniker of No Limit Forever Records, we immediately became nostalgic for that very thing which online-only distribution obviates: the tactile CD experience, and in particular No Limit’s over-the-top cover art. While few may know Pen & Pixel, the Houston-based art studio responsible for many of the label’s most memorable covers, by name, its unique style is synonymous with extravagant rap excess. (The studio’s motto is, after all, “We do CD covers, posters, flyers, websites, videos & logos and still find time for sex.”)  So, in tribute to No Limit, we’ve gathered up ten of our favorite Pen & Pixel album cover creations.
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