The Famous Artworks That Inspired 15 Films

There is a fascinating interplay between the visual cultures of film and art. Directors have frequently used imagery from painting and other art forms to shape the look and meaning of their works. Last week, website Philebrity appealed to our inner art history nerd and reminded us of a strong visual influence behind Terrence Malick’s 1978 film Days of Heaven. Click through to see the movie’s art-world doppelgänger, along with other artworks that informed frames and entire visual themes in other… Read More

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Delightfully Minimalist Movie Posters

In the battle between minimalist movie poster designers, we suspect Spanish studio atipo would win the war. Their Papers for Characters series, first spotted on A.V. Club, transforms iconic movies such as Rear Window and Jaws by simplifying them to the extreme, in poster form. In some cases, the one sheets have simply been cut or crumpled. Other poster adaptations use various textures and colors to mimic flesh, water, and more. They’re a refreshing and playful twist on the minimalist trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, anytime soon. … Read More

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Photos of 20 Directors Working on Their First Feature Films

Every great filmmaker had to start somewhere. The Tumblr Cinephilia and Beyond shared some photos from the set of George Lucas’ directorial debut, the dystopian THX 1138, depicting a frightening future in which human emotions are suppressed through mandatory drugs and people are controlled by an android police force. The images inspired us to search for other snapshots of young filmmakers — from Stanley Kubrick to Sofia Coppola to Spike Lee — working intently on their debut features.… Read More

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Pictures of the Eternally Unsmiling Bob Dylan Being Silly

Happy birthday, Bob Dylan. The singer-songwriter turns 73 today. Dylan is as busy as ever, having just teased his cover of Frank Sinatra’s 1945 hit “Full Moon and Empty Arms” in anticipation of a new album due out later this year.

The craggy-voiced icon is known to be a straight-faced, serious performer, rarely smiling on stage or in photos — the perfect accompaniment for his somber lyrics and political anthems. “It’s hard not to feel that the sense of Dylan’s music as so very deep and meaningful would be so persuasive if it didn’t issue from the pouting sloucher on the record sleeves,” pondered The Guardian’s Lindesay Irvine.

Dylan’s stern facade has occasionally cracked to reveal a lighthearted artist who indulges in random headstands, goofy antics, and toothy grins. Check out the photo evidence in celebration of the counterculture poet’s birthday. … Read More

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Incredible Nail Art Photos From ‘Nails: The Story of the Modern Manicure’

In Nails: The Story of the Modern Manicure, writer Suzanne E. Shapiro explores why we paint our nails, exploring the trends, art, and traditions that have gone into the long history of women adorning their hands. By showing how we decorate our hands, in both fashion shots and vintage photography, the book sheds a light on what women tell the world through their nails. Here are some of our favorite photos from the definitive look at nail culture. … Read More

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Amazing Photos of Huge Monuments Seen From Surprising Perspectives

French photographer Fabrice Fouillet’s ongoing project Colosses is more than just a survey of statues. It is, in his words, “a study of the landscapes embracing these monumental commemorative statues.” Fouillet traveled around the world to find enormous states of artistic, political, or religious importance, and considered them in relation to their surroundings: “How can they fit into the landscapes, despite their excessive dimensions and their fundamental symbolic and traditional functions?” Here are ten of his most striking photos; check out the entire project at his website. … Read More

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Environmentally Unfriendly Materials Recycled Into Works of Art

This week, global citizens celebrated the 44th annual Earth Day — a worldwide initiative to draw awareness to environmental concerns and rally for change. Artists continue to bring attention to these issues by recycling environmentally unfriendly materials in their artwork, reusing the world’s junk surplus in beautiful and fascinating ways. Here are just a few of the creative reimaginings that speak to our planet’s use and reuse of careless materials. … Read More

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Vintage Photos of Spring Breakers

Spring break season is upon us — a time when students everywhere step away from the books to decompress and indulge. Films like Spring Breakers paint a colorful picture of the MTV generation binging on drink, drugs, and sex once the temperature starts to rise and their weeklong break from the stresses of school affords them the freedom to sow their wild oats. Were the students in past a tamer bunch? Celebrations seem wilder these days, but some things never change — as evidenced by these vintage photos of spring breakers ready to get their party on. … Read More

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50 Costume Test Photos from Famous Films

Costume test photos are a necessity for filmmakers and designers in order to get a clear picture of how colors, fabrics, and styles (and usually hair and makeup) will appear on the big screen. Inadvertently, the snapshots sometimes reveal a different, carefree side of the star in costume. The photos often become works of art themselves. After spotting a set of delightful Marilyn Monroe wardrobe test photos, featured past the break, we searched for others from all our favorite films. … Read More

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Time-Bending Collages of 18th-Century Paintings of London and Google Street View Photos

Between environmental degradation, our changing economy, and the growing population, cities across the world continue to sprawl. Redditor Shystone provided a visual for the changing face of one metropolis by juxtaposing 18th and 19th-century paintings of London with present-day Google Street View snapshots. The architectural collage seamlessly blends in places, while other fragments show the striking changes throughout history. Click on to take a closer look, and head to Shystone’s gallery for more information. … Read More

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