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Forget Karaoke: Here Are 10 of NYC's Best Live Tribute Bands

You thought earnest, shameless tribute bands were just for Las Vegas, didn’t you? While New York obviously has a wealth of original music to offer, we’ve been thinking: singing along to live renditions of “Fat-Bottomed Girls” could in theory be a lot more fun than pretending to care about DIIV. It’s time to take a break from nodding to noise bands and take your pick from this fine array of tributes to the classic acts we all totally still listen to, even though we’ll only admit it at karaoke. … Read More

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10 Great State-of-the-Nation Albums

The new Dan Deacon album was released yesterday, and it’s perhaps the last thing we would have expected from a man once so interested in the idea of music as a purely sonic entity, devoid of any narrative or greater meaning: it’s a loose concept album about America. Deacon has written some interesting stuff about the ideas behind the album, which is entitled simply America, on his website, noting that “The inspiration for the music was my love of cross-country travel, seeing the landscapes of the United States, going from east to west and back again over the course of seasons,” while “The lyrics are inspired by my frustration, fear and anger towards the country and world I live in and am a part of.” The result is a fascinating state-of-the-nation album, a record that’s both personal and also vocal about the country of its creator. In celebration of its release, here are some of our favorite albums that address similar subject matter. … Read More

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10 Bands That Changed the Sound That Made Them Famous

This week’s most notable release has been Fragrant World, the curiously titled new album from Yeasayer, which came across our desk a couple of weeks back and has been on occasional rotation at Flavorpill central since. Our impressions of the record are that it sounds basically like its predecessor, 2010’s Odd Blood, and thus nothing like the band’s debut, 2007’s All Hour Cymbals. Given the acclaim that their debut received, it’s curious and rather disappointing that Yeasayer have moved away from its wide-eyed eclecticism toward a more conventional sound. Still, they’re hardly the first band to change the sound that brought them to the public’s attention — we’ve put together a selection for your reading delectation after the jump. … Read More

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Iconic Album Covers Recreated With Socks

Now this is an entertaining way to spend laundry day. Neatorama pointed us towards The Sock Covers, a very clever Tumblr devoted to recreating famous and iconic album covers with, you guessed it, socks. Sure, it’s not high art, but it’s goofy and cute and irreverent in all the right ways — if a sock-version of Warhol’s iconic banana on The Velvet Underground & Nico doesn’t make you at least crack a smile, well, we just don’t know what to tell you. In addition, we have to say that we’re rather impressed by the anonymous author’s collection of socks. Click through to check out a few of our favorites from the project, and then head on over to The Sock Covers to see some more for yourself. … Read More

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Awesome Miniature Cardboard Replicas of Famous Drum Kits

You might think you’re a music fan, but have you ever spent hours painstakingly recreating the instruments of your favorite bands with gouache, cardboard, glitter and string? We didn’t think so. Hence the brilliance of Danish artist Rose Eken’s work, which we first spotted over at Dangerous Minds — the concept is disarmingly simple, but also completely unexpected and definitely wicked cool. Would you forgive us for saying that these drum kits rock? Click through to see some of our favorites from Eken’s 100 Drum Kits project, and then be sure to head over to her website to see even more of her work (including some gnarly guitars!). … Read More

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The Artists Behind Some of the Most Cliched Dorm Posters

Do you ever think about how different the college experience would be today? Maybe we’re aging ourselves here, but just the thought of taking notes on a laptop — or an iPad! — is mind boggling to us old-fashioned spiral notebook types. Well, we’ve surveyed the slightly younger generation, and apparently not much has changed as far as college dorm decorations are concerned. You’ve gotta be kidding. Well, alright. Let’s hit up some dorm rooms and delve into the (still) most cliched and popular posters and the art therein. Girls! Van Gogh! And other usual suspects! Which ones did you have? ‘Fess up. … Read More

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The 10 Most Genuinely Disturbing Songs About Mothers

It’s Mother’s Day this weekend, and while we love our mothers here at Flavorpill as dearly as anyone, we do get more than a little tired of the wave of Hallmark-card sentimentality that comes with the second Sunday in May. So we thought we’d commemorate the day with something a little darker than yet another list that features Tupac’s “Dear Mama” and Paul Simon’s “Mother and Child Reunion” — instead, we thought we’d look at some of the more sinister and disturbing songs about mothers and/or motherhood over the years. They’re better songs anyway. … Read More

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Happy Super Moon: A Brief Overview of the Moon in Pop Culture

Werewolves, it’s time to lock yourselves up extra tight (probably in the library cage, if you’re Oz) — tonight, the full moon will be a “supermoon,” that is, even bigger and brighter than usual. The phenomenon is caused when the moon becomes full at the same time as it comes closest to the earth in its orbit, and has been linked to various natural disasters — though science tells us that’s all nonsense. To celebrate the lunar event, you’ll probably be wanting to indulge in some moon-related pop culture, so we’ve collected 30 culturally relevant moons and moon-related phenomena for your perusal. Click through to check out the moon in all its phases in pop culture, and let us know if we’ve missed your favorite lunar shout outs in the comments. … Read More

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10 Classic Rock Songs We Never Want to Hear Again

Despite what the manic Derek and the Dominos fans who apparently frequent our comments section appear to think, we don’t set out to be deliberately iconoclastic here at Flavorpill. We have a healthy respect for the past — we just occasionally get sick of hearing about it, especially when it’s depicted as some sort of glowing cultural golden age that the present can never hope to rival. That said, there are certain aspects of rock ‘n’ roll history that we rather wish could be expunged once and for all, for a variety of reasons. So to start with, here are 10 classic rock staples that we’d be happy to never, ever hear again. What would you smite from AOR playlists once and for all if given the chance? … Read More

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In Defense of Pink Floyd: 10 Essential Tracks

It would have been the late Syd Barrett’s birthday today, and thus it seems a fine time to look at the career of Pink Floyd. Ever since John Lydon took a Floyd t-shirt and scrawled “I hate” on it, it’s been fashionable to hate on the band, denouncing them as pretentious prog-rock behemoths with a liking for long-winded concepts and overlong guitar solos (even if Lydon himself later retreated from his views.) Haters gonna hate, but we’re having none of it — we’re not even remotely ashamed to admit to being big Floyd fans, and as such, we’re going into bat for them here, with a selection of ten songs — both with and without Barrett — that we reckon embody everything there is to like about the band. … Read More

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