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The Best Holiday Episodes of Our Favorite ’90s TV Shows


Just as the ’90s loved velvet, chunky sweaters, and all-around winter wear, the ’90s also loved holiday-themed TV episodes. Seriously, though — there a lot of ’em. Have we seen every single one? Of course not. How could we watch all that TV when we had hungry Tamagotchis to raise? (Just kidding-ish). So, we’re not here to subject you to a bold “best ’90s holiday episodes in existence” list. Instead, we’re going to take a trip down memory/Santa Claus lane to name ten ’90s-tastic holiday episodes that still resonate with us after all these years. Oh, and you know what else the ’90s loved? Old Navy, of course! Don’t forget — our pals at Old Navy are giving away a whopping $10,000 to the creator of the best holiday display, and $2500 to two runners up. So, between now and December 9th, submit a photo of your over-the-top decorations here and let Internet voters work their magic. Feel free to take some holiday display tips from the following ’90s TV specials. Christmas garbage trees à la Pete and Pete, anyone?
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