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24 Powerful Works by Contemporary Women Artists You Should Know

Like other realms of the culture, the visual arts are, at the moment, a male-dominated profession. A recent book put together by arts scholars, entitled The Reckoning: Women Artists of the New Millennium, records the same kind of problem you often hear women writers complaining about: in spite of the fact that MFA graduates are overwhelmingly women, it’s men who get the crucial solo exhibitions at galleries which can make or break an artist’s career. The Reckoning seeks to correct this by recognizing the work of 25 young female artists who are breaking new ground, these days. Here is a sampling of their… Read More

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50 Great Works of Video Art That You Can Watch Online

For anyone who is enamored with film or remains a devotee of performance, video art can be like a happy marriage between the two. The great works of video art that are available to watch online are like a never-ending museum that is always growing and never closes. This collection should serve as a compact introduction to video art for anyone who’s uninitiated or a handy compilation for anyone who loves the medium but has some trouble finding the good stuff online.… Read More

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The Famous Artworks Matchmaking Game

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and some of us here at Flavorpill are feeling silly. Or, you know, nauseated and glum. Sigh. So, what are we going to do? We’re going to play the Famous Artworks Matchmaking Game! Yay! Remember when you were kid and you’d smack your Barbie and Gumby together and pretend they were a couple? It’s like that. We’re pairing up the classic, contemporary, and pop culture works of art — and their subjects — that we think should go on a date and have a nice time together. Feel free to rain on our silly love parade in the comments section. We realize that it could be quite cathartic this time of year. … Read More

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Take an Eye-Opening ‘Walk of Art’ Through, NYC, LA, and Chicago

Why go to just one art gallery when you can hit up a whole cluster? We love to binge on several art venues in one go — that’s why we teamed up with VINCE to bring you the Walk of Art. Equipped with a nifty Google map, you can hop between the best galleries, museums, and artist-resource hubs with our customized guides to New YorkLA, and Chicago. From the New Museum’s opus of Eastern Bloc nostalgia to titillating, meticulous pop/pulp collages in an outsider-art gallery, check out some of the highlights from the current exhibits on each city’s itinerary. … Read More

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10 Must-See Fall Art Shows from Cities Around the World

Museums and galleries in cultural capitals around the world are just starting to roll out an exciting new line-up of fall exhibitions to entice their viewers. From Willem de Kooning’s sensual abstractions at New York’s Museum of Modern Art and Diane Arbus’ iconic photographs of nudists and transvestites at the Jeu de Paume in Paris to Pipilotti Rist’s colorful video installations at London’s Hayward Gallery and KAWS’ playful interpretations of cartoon characters at Honor Fraser in Los Angeles, the new art season is a major moment of renewal for artists, both old and new. Click through our top ten show picks worldwide and let us know what you would add to the list. … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds In Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we remembered Buddy Holly on what would have been the music icon’s 75th birthday. We decided that Jeff Tweedy and the Black Eyed Peas absolutely do not mix. We read a few letters penned by a young Ernest Hemingway. We got misty while watching Jimmy Kimmel’s… Read More

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Cocktails Inspired By Famous Artists

In the wake of last night’s midterm elections, we imagine many of our readers have turned to drink (or plan to, come five o’clock). Allow us to help you out with that. Inspired by HTMLGiant’s wonderful list of Writer Cocktails, we bring you 10 brand-new Artist Cocktails, meant to embody everyone from Rothko and van Gogh to Jeff Koons and Pipilotti Rist. As you might have guessed, some of them are disgusting. … Read More

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Pipilotti Rist’s Glowing Underwear Chandelier

Flavorpill favorite Pipilotti Rist — a video artist known for exploring gender and sexuality in her work — has a new show up at Chelsea’s Luhring Augustine. Running through October 23, Heroes of Birth features the debut of two video installations, as well as a video sculpture.

As viewers enter the gallery space, they’re confronted by All or Nothing, a triptych of mounted LCD screens displaying hypnotic images of body parts in motion. These are flanked by an altar covered with “daily offerings” — fresh flowers, snacks, and a functioning water cooler where visitors can quench their thirst. Layers Mama Layers transforms the gallery’s main space into a room draped with translucent fabric screens that display multiple video projections set to a melodic soundtrack. Finally, in the rear gallery — which is covered in a wallpaper designed by Rist — is the visual cherry on the sundae: Massachusetts Chandelier, a glowing piece created using underwear collected from friends and family, lit by two projections.

Click through to preview images of the new work. … Read More

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Helvetic Constellation: A Survey of the Swiss Art Scene

For institutions such as Art Basel (with Art Basel Miami Beach) or the Swiss Institute (with showrooms in both New York City and Paris), contemporary Swiss art is certainly not confined to national boundaries. Yet, Swiss galleries and museums very much give respect to their own artists, both with more established names and a new wave of young guns.

In Zurich, Galerie Eva Presenhuber represents local duo Peter Fischli and David Weiss, heavy hitters with a fantastic sense of humor that plays on the banality of objects taken out of context. Another big name in the Presenhuber stable is Ugo Rondinone, whose rainbow Hell, Yes! graces the New York’s New Museum, but is also known for bringing traces of melancholy to his work. Sylvie Fleury, with her chrome-plated Gucci shoes on display in the gallerist’s loft residence, also shines in this constellation; her works place women in positions of authority, drawing from the worlds of fashion, car racing, and even space travel. Bringing up the rear, young artist Valentin Carron is currently showing replicas of bas-relief sculptures representing traditional work activities — not without a touch of irony — at New York’s 303 Gallery. … Read More

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The Third Rail: The Fine Art of the Cocktail or “The Pipilotti”

Art and drinking have always mixed. Ask any poor college student who’s taken advantage of the free wine served at gallery openings (and for those indigent NYU undergrads out there, here is the source for happy hour plans). Nothing improves a canvas, opens the checkbook of a patron, or “relaxes” a model more than a glass of the strong stuff.

Most struggling artists would probably be content with a little cheap wine or a six-pack. But a few of the most acclaimed artists deserve more. They’ve reached true fame. They have a drink named after them. … Read More

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