Watch a Fake Trailer for ‘Up,’ Directed by Michael Bay

Here’s something depressing: a month after becoming the highest-grossing movie ever in China, Michael Bay’s Transformers: Age of Extinction… Read More

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The Secret to Pixar’s Genius From ‘Creativity, Inc.’ Sounds Like a Writing Workshop

Most business books are, in the words of Norman Mailer, “advertisements for myself,” the story of one person’s world-beating genius and how they made an industry out of it. But Ed Catmull’s Creativity, Inc., written with the wonderful Amy Wallace (frequently at GQ writing profiles — check out her D’Angelo piece), is markedly modest in scope. The main impression that you get off Catmull, the president of Pixar Animation and Disney Animation, is that he’s a kind man and obviously a genius, with a Ph.D. in computer science and the goal of creating the first computer animated film. And he goes through the life story of Pixar, how they met Steve Jobs, how they created things in a corner until they were creating things for Disney, in simple fashion. … Read More

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Clever Movie Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed

Biting the heads off chocolate bunnies and determining the flavor of questionably colored jellybeans is fun and all that, but cinephiles know the best way to celebrate Easter is by geeking out over movie easter eggs. Yes, we’re talking about those inside jokes, hidden messages, and clever visual puns that filmmakers sneak into their movies so that obsessive fans and eagle-eyed viewers can win bragging rights. We revisited 10 clever movie easter eggs that you might have missed. Feel free to add your favorites, below. … Read More

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Is Pixar Out of Ideas?

Last summer, Pixar Animation Studios President Ed Catmull had a message for fans of the studio, relayed via BuzzFeed: “moving forward, the animation studio plans to significantly scale back its production of sequels.” But apparently somebody forgot to get that memo to parent company Disney’s chief Bob Iger, who announced at a Tuesday shareholders meeting that the company is working on The Incredibles 2 and (ugh) Cars 3. The company quickly made it official on their Twitter page — where the background is an ad for their last film, the prequel Monsters University. Pixar, we’re going to have to talk about your sequel problem. … Read More

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Architectural Diagrams of Famous Film Interiors

Film and architecture journal Interiors diagrams the interiors of popular films, exploring the use of space in cinema. This is usually analyzed in an accompanying essay, but the minimalist blueprints speak for themselves. The journal’s recent diagrams center on the films of David Fincher. “If cinema is a matter of what’s in the frame, David Fincher is an artist who is very much concerned about all four corners of his canvas,” journal editors Mehruss Jon Ahi and Armen Karaoghlanian write. But the duo doesn’t stop at the Fight Club director. The work of Stanley Kubrick, Sofia Coppola, studio Pixar, and more are also examined. Venture into cinematic space in our gallery, and visit the journal’s online store to purchase prints. … Read More

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‘A Bug’s Life’ Characters: Where Are They Now?

Today’s the 15th anniversary of A Bug’s Life, Disney and Pixar’s follow-up to the monumental success of Toy Story! Like its predecessor, it featured a star-studded cast of celebrity voices and a charmingly endearing collection of characters — ants, spiders, ladybugs, even fleas! While it didn’t spawn two sequels like Toy Story, it’s still a cute little movie that proved the power of computer animation back in the late ’90s. In tribute to A Bug’s Life, we thought we’d check in to see what Flik and the gang got up to after the credits rolled with those hilarious fake bloopers.  … Read More

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The 50 Most Heart-Wrenching Movies of All Time

It’s fall, and there’s something in my eye. Or it’s allergy season. Or I’m newly sensitive to hyper-emotional filmmaking. Or maybe it isn’t just me; every year, when prestige movie season begins, we find ourselves sniffling and dabbing through moving, heartstring-tugging pictures, though this year seems to already have a surplus of big-time weepies. In the spirit of those pictures, here’s a rundown of the 50 most cry-worthy flicks in movie history — not just the saddest, mind you, but those most likely to move us to tears, be it through tragedy, triumph, or the sheer goodness of their… Read More

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Illustrations of Disney Icons as Collegiate Characters

Deviant Artist Hyung plucked Disney characters out of the movies and set them on university campuses across America. These animated icons have been given a stylish and youthful makeover à la Monsters University. Hyung has even conceived of an updated storyline for each character — like Snow White, who sings in the school choir with Sleeping Beauty‘s Aurora and volunteers at the Animal Welfare Association on campus with Kenai and Pocahontas on weekends. You can explore the narratives on Hyung’s Deviant Art page, which we learned about from Design You Trust, but we enjoy the artist’s collegiate illustrations on their own. Take a closer look, below. … Read More

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