Plastic Surgery

Urns, Earnings and Christina Ricci’s BQE-Adjacent Apartment: Links You Need to See

Hillary Clinton has her first real competition: Bernie Sanders just announced his candidacy for the Democratic party presidential primaries, and the 73-year-old independent senator said he’s vowed to make fighting income inequality a key tenet of his platform. “What we have seen is that while the average person is working longer hours for lower wages, we have seen a huge increase in income and wealth inequality, which is now reaching obscene levels,” Sanders said. “This is a rigged economy, which works for the rich and the powerful, and is not working for ordinary Americans…You know, this country just does not belong to a handful of billionaires.” Sure, but I wonder how Clinton and Sanders stack against each other in Bing’s #HowOldRobot? … Read More

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Undermining Traditions, from Objectification to Turkey Dinner: Links You Need To See

The great Lindy West — one of the voices that rises above the chatter of the crowd with essays that are to the point — has a piece at the Daily Dot that is a punch to the gut of misogynists and purported “nice guys” alike. The ironically clickbait-y title—”The One Basic Thing Men Still Don’t Seem to Understand About Women“—disguises a super-simple premise: “women are people.” That’s the thing that men often don’t understand. An excerpt: … Read More

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Yes, Those Pictures of Renée Zellweger Are Disturbing. But Why?

This morning, a series of photos surfaced, showing Renée Zellweger looking dramatically different—a bit like a stranger, a bit Sarah Jessica Parker or Robin Wright, and still a bit like herself, but only if one looks hard. “It’s always nice to meet new people, even if they’re old friends,” was Gawker’s only comment, and then the internet exploded with thoughts, horror and even anger at the star. … Read More

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Compelling Portraits of Young Adults Who Are Searching for Their Ideal Bodies

Photographer Michelle Sank’s series In My Skin looks at young adults and teens (under the age of 25) in the UK who are challenging their bodies with various surgeries and enhancements. Sank captures her sitters relaxing in their bedrooms, which lends further intimacy to the portraits — but the outside does not reflect the inside. They’re uncomfortable in their own skin and searching for the ideal. In some cases, the alterations are cosmetic and would be considered completely unnecessary by many. However, Sank also photographed people as young as 16 who have undergone gender reassignment surgery. … Read More

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Stark and Beatific Photos That Capture the Sterile Interiors of Plastic Surgery Clinics

Everyone has an opinion on the plastic surgery industry, from stars who unabashedly credit it for their eternal youthfulness to those who decry the unnatural beauty ideals it helps to uphold. But how many of us who haven’t gone under the knife in the name of physical perfection have actually observed the spaces where and the mechanisms by which it achieves that end? While we may have glimpsed these operations on some exploitative makeover reality show, we’ve never seen plastic surgery clinics as Brooklyn-based photographer Cara Phillips captures them. … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we learned 50 pick up lines for Olympians. We discovered a charity group that provides bullied teens with free plastic surgery. We wondered if one-night stands were empowering or soul-crushing. We liked seeing the Louvre’s classical sculptures dressed in contemporary clothes. We finally found out… Read More

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What's On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds In Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we planned to color everything in the universe according to these literary paint chips. We didn’t envy Kyrgyzstan’s gas bill, which forced them to shut down a war memorial flame. We wished all Craigslist ads looked something like this. We lost ourselves in some Bon… Read More

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Beautiful Portraits of Extreme Plastic Surgery [NSFW]

“I’m interested in what we define as beauty, when we choose to create it ourselves,” says photographer Phillip Toledano. This striking series of portraits features partially robed models undergone significant plastic surgery. Facial modification, implants, lifts, collagen injections and their multiple combinations — these photos may seem extreme to many, but there’s something transcendent in their classical poses lit in gorgeous chiaroscuro, their determined faces. “When we re-make ourselves, are we revealing our true character, or are we stripping away our very identity? Perhaps we are creating a new kind of beauty. An amalgam of surgery, art, and popular culture? And if so, are the results the vanguard of human induced evolution?”

Despite our society’s taboos regarding extreme plastic surgery, it’s hard to deny the artistic element in the practice of absolute control over your body — not just in life/work of Genesis P-Orridge and Orlan. In his book Arboretum, David Byrne writes: “Although I don’t expect to see live Picasso faces walking around anytime soon, I do expect to see cubism’s fleshy mirror image: faces and bodies not found in nature that express an aesthetic and philosophy that is refined, elite and obscure.” Think on that while you look at these works from Phillip Toledano’s A New Kind of Beauty. … Read More

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