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Film’s Most Fashionable Bands, Ranked

This week, the first photo from Universal Pictures’ Jem and the Holograms live-action adaptation popped up online. The musical movie stars Aubrey Peeples as Jem, the onstage alter-ego of Jerrica Benton, who owns Starlight Music and runs a foster home for girls. Jem and her band are the epitome of 1980’s fashion, boasting big hair, neon colors, and gaudy accessories. The picture inspired us to take a look at some of cinema’s most fashionable bands. In the spirit of competition, we’ve also ranked them. Here are ten of the best-dressed bands in film (or at least some of the most interesting) who made the cut. Feel free to add to our list, below. … Read More

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The Best and Worst of Last Night’s ‘SNL’ with Dakota Johnson

Now that we’ve all recovered from SNL’s awkward 40th anniversary celebrations, Fifty Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson guest hosts to welcome us back to Studio 8H. Johnson’s appearance doesn’t make things un-awkward, but she brings a subtle humor to the proceedings that will either win you over or lull you to sleep. See how Johnson fared during last night’s episode and determine if audiences can separate her from the role of Anastasia Steele, below. … Read More

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Television’s Most Realistic Mom-Child Relationships

There was something oddly comforting about watching Fifty Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson having an awkward mother-daughter spat with mom Melanie Griffith on the Oscars red carpet. When asked if Griffith had seen the film, in which Johnson plays an oft-nude virginal initiate into the world of BDSM, she said no and that she didn’t need to see it to know her daughter was a good actress. Cue a familiar eye roll and a few fed-up expletives from a bratty Johnson. … Read More

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The 50 Best Movies About Hollywood

While many movies set in Tinseltown feature similar tropes and concerns — the awe-struck wannabe, a ruthless deal gone wrong, and a wrong career move that turns deadly — no two movies about Hollywood are exactly alike. The diversity of subjects in these films speaks volumes of the variety of La La Land residents who make up the Hollywood experience. Whether it’s a modern-day Babylon or a dream factory, movies about Hollywood are striking both for their cynicism and star-struck naiveté. In time for the release of Maps to the Stars, director David Cronenberg and screenwriter Bruce Wagner’s long-gestating satire, here is Flavorwire’s list of the 50 best movies about… Read More

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10 Classic Movie Diva Showdowns

“Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, except backwards and in high heels,” goes the famous quote from an old cartoon. The actress is the subject of a film retrospective at MoMa through March 27. “A sassy woman, a street smart girl, a lady with chutzpah, and dame with integrity… she played them all. She was them all. It is her strength that continues to speak to future generations and to women in particular,” writes Meredith Grau of the prolific actress. MoMA’s lineup honoring the dancing diva boasts several films with multiple starlets who demand the spotlight. Here are other great stories with classic movie divas that go head-to-head when it comes to relationship rivalries, showbiz struggles, and more. … Read More

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25 Luis Buñuel Quotes on Art, Filmmaking, and Dreams

An artist whose work melded poetry, cinema, and dreams, Luis Buñuel would have been 115 years old this weekend. During the premiere of Un chien andalou, his 1929 silent surrealist short film written with Salvador Dalí, Buñuel filled his pockets with rocks to defend himself in case a fight broke out during the screening. He expected audiences to react negatively to his stark images of a woman’s eye being slit open (actually that of a dead calf). In a 1967 interview, Buñuel was asked if he still shows up to his screenings at the ready, pockets filled with rocks. “At that time, I carried the rocks not to defend my film but to defend our ideas, the group’s ideas,” he responded. In celebration of Buñuel’s intuitive ideas, here are 25 quotes from the filmmaker about life, art, cinema, and dreams. … Read More

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The Actors Who Turned Down Controversial Movie Roles

Earlier this week, Saturday Night Live vet Norm Macdonald took to Twitter to pen an account of the events leading up to SNL‘s recently aired 40th Anniversary Special. The comedian and writer hoped to get Eddie Murphy to star in a “Celebrity Jeopardy” sketch as fallen comedian and accused serial rapist Bill Cosby (a role left to Kenan Thompson), but Murphy refused. Macdonald applauded Murphy’s decision, and the Internet was ablaze with opinions on the matter — especially after learning that Cosby was “very appreciative” of Murphy’s decision. Of course, Murphy is hardly the only actor in pop culture to turn down a controversial part in a project. Cinema is filled with them. The recent events inspired us to revisit a few controversial films and the roles that saw Hollywood talent turning away from them. … Read More

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Photorealistic Paintings Give Vintage Photos a Cultural Makeover

David Lyle is a cultural archaeologist, digging through thrift store bins, online auctions, and flea market photo stacks for the perfect subjects. The New York City-based artist, whose work we discovered on Design you Trust, reimagines lost snapshots from the ‘50s through ‘70s in his oil paintings, adding modern details that mock, celebrate, and comment on American nostalgia. Most of his transformations are naturalistic and seamless, which presents an uncanny meeting of the past and present. … Read More

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The Greatest ‘SNL’ Couples of All Time

This evening, pop culture’s funniest will gather to celebrate 40 years of Saturday Night Live during the show’s 40th Anniversary Special. Over 100 special guests will toast to fond memories and favorite sketches. Since this Valentine’s Day weekend is all about love, we’re hosting our own tribute to SNL by looking back at some of the show’s most beloved couples. We’re not talking about those moments in the series where two men kiss as the punchline of a joke. These amorous duos showed us what love is while making strangers uncomfortable, rubbing their coneheads together, and singing off-key. … Read More

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Steve Buscemi Becomes a Sexual Powerhouse and Taylor Swift Experiments with Modern Dance: Links You Need to See

Recently, Tom Petty sued Sam Smith over the purported similarities between Smith’s hit “Stay With Me” and Petty’s “Won’t Back Down,” and is now reaping 12% of his royalties. The people at Funny or Die, however, noticed some similarities between Petty’s songs and other artists’ hits, and decided to let the world know about them. Surely Petty will do the right thing and pay 12% royalties to anyone whose songs came first and bare any resemblance to his?  … Read More

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