Prop 8

The Morning’s Top 5 Cultural Stories


1. Governor Schwarzenegger decides against defending Prop. 8 in federal court; meanwhile, Rob Reiner and a small band of political filmmakers are launching a gay marriage challenge with their sights on the U.S. Supreme Court. [via LAT, Reuters]
2. Fox Bat Strategy: A Tribute to Dave Jaurequi, a seven-track rock album featuring… Read More

Unpopular Opinions: California’s Ruling Was Right


Whoah, there. Simmer down now! I believe in nothing less than 100% acknowledgment of gay rights and 600% equality for everyone involved. And, as Caroline said earlier, we get pretty upset when things don’t go well. That said, today’s California court ruling to uphold Prop 8— and the actual issue at hand — has been taken woefully out of context. Whether or not you agree with the court’s assessment, when you look at the ACTUAL issue, its logic is pretty… Read More

Exclusive: Andrew Sean Greer on His Literary Thriller


Andrew Sean Greer — whose The Story Of A Marriage is like Edith Wharton meets Melrose Place when it was at its peak — was sitting in Central Park outside of the Met stalking a squirrel with a giant peanut and a big blond mustache when we caught up with him. He’s reading with Amanda Eyre Ward tonight in Williamsburg as part of the Pete’s Reading Series. “Amanda and I were best friends in grad school in Montana,” he explains. “For both of us, it was life changing. We didn’t have any writer friends, and suddenly we were in this strange world in the mountains, where all anyone did was talk about writing and reading. We’ve read each other’s stuff and encouraged one another from the start.” After the jump Greer chats with us about mastering the art of the plot twist, obsessing over generations past, and dealing with the fact that we never really know the ones we love.
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