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P. Diddy Is Puff Daddy Again

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7 Music Videos More Destructive Than Vampire Weekend’s “Diane Young”

You’d think it would be hard for a music video that’s practically a still life to offend anyone, but this year prepster darlings Vampire Weekend have been taking heat for the video for new single “Diane Young,” which shows an old Saab bursting into flames with downtown Manhattan in the background. Frontman Ezra Koenig has clarified that the vehicles in question were old, out of order, and dirt cheap — and we’d like to remind the offended car lovers that Vampire Weekend are hardly the most extreme when it comes to making destructive music videos. Read on for the most chaotic clips, from combusting drum sets to a kids’ birthday party from hell to a Hunger Games-style rap epic. … Read More

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Ranking Musician Tribute Songs from Best to Worst

We were intrigued to hear that Patti Smith’s new record Banga contains a track called “This Is the Girl,” which is apparently a tribute to none other than Amy Winehouse. We haven’t heard the song yet — if you have, do feel free to let us know in the comments whether it’s any good or not — but either way, it’s the latest in a music industry tradition: that of musicians writing songs for their deceased counterparts. Of course, some such songs are more successful than others — and so, here’s a selection that spans the spectrum of good to bad. Guess which end “I’ll Be Missing You” comes at! … Read More

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Awesome Infographic: NYC Rapper Map

Did you realize that Puff Daddy and Biz Markie grew up just blocks apart in Manhattan? Or that Foxy Brown and Talib Kweli were practically neighbors? We had no idea before Boing Boing tipped us off to this fantastic new infographic mapping New York City rappers’ origins from Very Small Array. Click … Read More

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Flavorwire Playlist – Because Music Makes You Feel Better When The Rich Get Richer

It’s a reflex that goes back to adolescence or watching HIGH FIDELITY too many times on cable – when life throws us a few lemons, we make a mix tape.

Now that it’s 2008, channeling our pain into music is much less labor intensive, but still a catharsis-inducing mental challenge when done well.

That’s why we’re introducing Flavorwire Playlist, a feature where we take the current event that has us feeling depressed this week, whip up a list of 10 tracks that dull the pain and ask you to best our creative genius in comments below.

After the jump, our debut effort pegged to the news that EXXON just broke their record for profits.

Enjoy and good luck! … Read More

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