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Tommy Ramone, Last Original Member Of The Ramones, Has Died

It’s the end of an era for The Ramones. The drummer for the influential punk band, Tommy Ramone, … Read More

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Remembering Devo’s Bob Casale: Punk-Rock Guitar God

My first guitar was a piece of garbage that cost me 50 bucks. It was ugly, it was nicked up, it sounded terrible, and it represented the height of my career as a guitar player. I could hardly play it, but I was operating under the assumption that that was the entire point, that punk was supposed to be by and for people who couldn’t play their instruments just as much as it was for the ones who could. … Read More

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‘CBGB’ the Movie Somehow Manages to Make Punk Rock Boring

Let’s get this out of the way: I wasn’t there. CBGB and the New York punk scene it fostered had their heyday almost a decade before I was born. By the time I made it to the club — exactly twice — it was the turn of the millennium. The first time, I arrived by cab from a friend’s house on the Upper East Side, ordered a coffee (I was 16), saw a band called The Candy Darlings (who initially interested me only because of their Warhol-related name, although I remember loving them), and had to run home to make curfew before a then-unknown-outside-of-New-York act called Yeah Yeah Yeahs took the stage. … Read More

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Who Does Punk Belong To in 2013?

Last week Noisey published an article by their resident jaded punk columnist, who goes by the title of, er, Jaded Punk. It was entitled “Who Gives A Shit About [Insert Band Name] Reuniting?,” and as the name suggests, it took a rather dim review of reunion tours by The Replacements and various other punk rock luminaries. It followed his debut column, which went by the title “‘Punk’ Is the Grossest Word in Music,” and no doubt we can look forward to a bunch of similarly cheery meditations on the genre in weeks to come. It’s the latest in an increasingly long line of criticism shitchanning punk of late, but does the fact that punk rock is largely moribund mean that punk is dead? And who does punk belong to in 2013? … Read More

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Gritty Drawings of Punk Rock Kids

Lauren Utter‘s frenzied, raw, fluid drawings of punk kids partying and hanging out feel like a few house parties or shows you’ve probably been to. You can taste the cheap beer, smell the smoke, and feel the bodies being crushed against your own in her pictures. The New Jersey-born artist’s work is influenced by her own experiences panhandling in New York’s Lower East Side, hopping freight trains, and living in some interesting places. Her fringe characters all have stories to tell, and like the found materials she works with, Utter won’t let people discard them easily — even the ones about “barfday.” Click through for more of Utter’s drawings. … Read More

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See The Ramones’ Hilarious Original Bio from 1975

“The Ramones are not an oldies group, they are not a glitter group, they don’t play boogie music and they don’t play blues.” This is the first sentence of the band’s original one-sheet, and in retrospect it seems genius that then-manager Tome Erdelyi (also known as drummer Tommy Ramone) led not with what they were, but what they were rebelling against. This yellowed page contains no shortage of great snippets — Joey is “an arch villain,” Dee Dee is “the acknowledged handsome one,” kids from their home neighborhood of Forest Hills “either became musicians, degenerates or dentists.” Click through to see this historical document, which comes straight from CBGB’s Facebook page. … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds In Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we confirmed that cats are more popular than Jesus. We feared the bacon sundae. We browsed a celebrity Barbie gallery in honor of her birthday. (She’s 52!) We listened to John Cleese talk about making our lives more creative. We found out why the price of… Read More

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10 Great Female-Fronted Punk Bands You Should Know

A couple of years back, we stumbled across something called A Reference Of Female-Fronted Punk Rock — a wonderful, exhaustive compilation of old school female-fronted punk bands from 1979-1989. (You can find it here if you’re interested.) But as much as we love all the bands featured, we got to thinking recently: well, what about their contemporary counterparts? We’ve been amusing ourselves putting together a selection, and with the new Screaming Females record, Ugly, out this week, it seems a good time to break out some of our favorites. Suggestions are, as ever, welcome — if we get enough we might do a Volume II! … Read More

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Punk Rock Posters, Remixed Swiss Modernist-Style

The very best band that broke up last year, Double Dagger, had a great song called “Punk Rock vs. Swiss Modernism” — a tension that, as graphic designers and hardcore musicians, they understood well. It isn’t clear whether their fellow designer, Mike Joyce of Stereotype Design, had the song in mind when he embarked upon his Swissted posters, but they certainly serve as an apt companion piece. The series uses Swiss modernist typography to reimagine real flyers from ’70s-’90s punk shows, with results we wouldn’t mind displaying on our wall. (Seriously, Mike, how do we buy these?) See a selection of our favorites after the jump, and then visit Swissted to check out the entire, enormous project. … Read More

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The Wonderful Rock ‘n’ Roll Photography of David Arnoff

David Arnoff’s photography explores the inner emotions of some of the most legendary musicians during the post-punk era. While his images have previously appeared in a variety of publications, including NME, Melody Maker and more, he is now looking for a publisher to make his photos into a book. Looking at his body of work, it’s amazing that he hasn’t been published in book form already. We’ll certainly order a few copies when the book does get released. In the meanwhile, here are a few of our favorite rock and roll portraits taken by Arnoff. … Read More

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