20 Dad-Rock Albums You Should Learn to Love

Dad-rock (n.): 1. (lit.) music played by dads; 2. music made by old white dudes that somehow always ends up on the car stereo and/or being played on the hi-fi at various school friends’ houses. Both these definitions probably leave you with the impression that it’s something to avoid, and while this is often true, it’s not always the case. Apropos of a recent Flavorwire office discussion about modern-day dad-rock, here’s a list of 20 AOR staples that are actually, y’know, good, starting in the golden age of dad-rock (i.e., the ’60s) and stretching through to the present… Read More

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The Art of Making a Truly Incredible Bar Mitzvah Video

The video below, dug up by Kveller, is proof that while you can sink your life savings into celebrating a tween’s ascension to Jewish adulthood, there really is no point unless you get the whole thing on video. … Read More

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This Thing Sounds Like That Thing: Katy Perry, Sara Bareilles, and Other Famous Pop Music Ripoffs

Four months ago, Sara Bareilles, underrated princess of empowerment rock, released “Brave,” a heartwarming, foot-stomping song all about, well, being fearless. People dug it, including Katy Perry, who tweeted at Bareilles her approval after the track was released. … Read More

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10 Musical Preferences That Might Get You Arrested (Or Killed)

If you’re like us, you probably couldn’t quite stifle a rueful sigh at the news earlier this week that a woman in Colorado was arrested for assaulting her boyfriend after he refused to stop blasting Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” on the stereo. It seems there’ve been several such reports of late, and while there’s nothing funny about domestic assault, the whole thing did get us thinking about songs that have managed to get their fans into hot water. We decided to investigate further, and came up with this selection of music that has landed fans in trouble in various amusing, ridiculous, and/or depressing ways. … Read More

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The Most Hilariously Disturbing Band Fanfiction You’ll Ever Read

The Internet is a strange, strange place. As we noted yesterday, Gerard Way penned an epic letter about My Chemical Romance’s breakup, but in certain corners of the web, fans are flat-out refusing to believe it, and expressing their disappointment in the most quintessentially MCR way — by penning fanfiction wherein the band continues to exist forever! The world of MCR fanfic is a strange, hilarious place, but it’s by no means home to the weirdest fanfic you’ll find out there. And so, to celebrate the, um, devotion of a certain breed of music fans, here’s a selection the most hilariously weird band fanfic, you’ll ever, ever read. Warning: it’s kinda dirty. Obviously. … Read More

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Forget Karaoke: Here Are 10 of NYC's Best Live Tribute Bands

You thought earnest, shameless tribute bands were just for Las Vegas, didn’t you? While New York obviously has a wealth of original music to offer, we’ve been thinking: singing along to live renditions of “Fat-Bottomed Girls” could in theory be a lot more fun than pretending to care about DIIV. It’s time to take a break from nodding to noise bands and take your pick from this fine array of tributes to the classic acts we all totally still listen to, even though we’ll only admit it at karaoke. … Read More

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Idiosyncratic Illustrations of Memorable Musical Collaborations

We’ve written a bit about unexpectedly awesome musical collaborations here on Flavorwire over the years, and as such, we were rather taken by these illustrations of some such collaborations. They’re by artistic duo Pol and Sakiroo Choi, and we spotted them via Thaeger, whose write-up of the pieces may or may not be interesting reading, depending on how good your German is. Anyway, click through and check out some of our favorites — there’s Run-DMC and Aerosmith, Kanye West and Daft Punk, and various others (but not, sadly, David Bowie and Mick Jagger, although maybe some things are better left un-illustrated. … Read More

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Vintage Photos of Pop Culture Icons in Drag

Cross-dressing, whether for pleasure or for mischief (or for plays or films), is no new phenomenon. Every little child experiments with putting on the opposite gender’s designated garb, all on-stage women in Elizabethan theatre were played by men, and many people of both sexes have dressed in drag for a variety of reasons, from personal to professional. So why should our pop culture icons be any different? Click through to join in our celebration of drag in all its forms, and see some of our favorite musicians, artists and writers (though by no means a complete selection — we couldn’t find any photos of J. Edgar Hoover) indulging in a little cross-dressing from as far back as… Read More

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Beautifully Designed Posters for Dream Concerts That Never Happened

David Bowie, Missy Elliott, and Lightning Bolt. Lady Gaga, Kraftwerk, and Neutral Milk Hotel. We imagine most music fans have spent idle hours daydreaming about the totally improbable — and sometimes even impossible — concert lineups of their dreams. But have any of us taken the time to create posters for them, as the artists, illustrators, and designers who contributed to A Famous Night have done? In eight posters billed as commemorating “the greatest gigs that never happened,” they fantasize about a night where Black Sabbath and Rage Against the Machine open for Nirvana on the moon, and Spiritualized, Broadcast, and Boards of Canada all share the stage. Even Katy Perry and Justin Bieber get their very own (albeit demonic) tribute. Check out the excellent posters below, which we spotted via The Fox Is Black, and visit A Famous Night to buy prints. … Read More

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