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“We Were Spectacular”: The Art of the Band Breakup Statement

As you’ve probably read, My Chemical Romance announced earlier this week that they were going their separate ways, and this morning singer Gerard Way published a lengthy missive explaining the reasons behind the split, along with a whole bunch of other stuff about coffee, birds, talking amplifiers, and acting on stage. As far as these kinds of statements go, it’s really pretty great — honest, funny, and heartfelt — and it got us thinking about some of the more notable breakup announcements of our time. Some of these are funny, some of them gloriously bitchy, and all thoroughly memorable. … Read More

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The Bizarre Reasons Behind 7 Famous Bands’ Breakups

Creative differences. Alcoholism and drug abuse. Legal issues. The untimely death of a band member. These are the reasons we typically see cited for band breakups. But, as a recent piece about David Bowie’s legendary Ziggy Stardust-era band, the Spiders from Mars, has reminded us, sometimes far stranger and sillier things cause famous collaborators to go their separate ways. After the jump, we’ve rounded up some of the most bizarre examples, from a public prank to an insult in front of Mick Jagger. … Read More

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Rockers of the World Unite – 10 of Our Favorite Leftie Musicians

Today is May 1, which doesn’t mean a great deal in America, but is celebrated in much of the world as International Workers’ Day. Given that it commemorates American history (specifically, the Haymarket Massacre in Chicago in 1886), it’s strange that the date has no currency here, but for whatever reason, the USA has stuck with Labor Day in September – perhaps because of the more radical associations of May 1, which is celebrated by many communist and anarchist organizations. In any case, here at Flavorpill, the global waving of the red flag has got us thinking about how many great musicians have had leftist leanings over the years. Here’s a selection of our favorites. (Obligatory disclaimer: Flavorpill doesn’t necessarily endorse these bands’ politics; we just like the music.) … Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. In which Gawker asks: Who is the hipster of the decade? While we love Hipster Runoff’s Carles, we’re going to have to go with Dash Snow. [via Gawker]
2. Quentin Tarantino‘s next project is going to be “smaller, less epic” in scale than Inglourious Basterds, and in a “different genre entirely.” [via… Read More

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Exclusive Q&A: Tim Robbins Talks About the WTF?! Festival

Given that Tim Robbins founded the Actors Gang in response to a lack of opportunities for independent writers and actors to produce socially and politically salient new work, it is no surprise that his response to the threat of a paralyzing budget crunch was to curate an ambitious ten-week festival of theatre, dance, music, conversation, performance, and education. The WTF?! Festival brings together scores of voices as diverse as Tom Morello, Naomi Klein, Gore Vidal, John Doe, Sarah Silverman, anti-war Veterans, and members of Cirque du Soleil — all in the name of saving one of the country’s bravest voices for progressive art by raising not only money, but awareness. Flavorpill’s Shana Nys Dambrot caught up with Robbins on the eve of the LA festival to talk politics, art, and record… Read More

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