Rate-a-Trailer: The Company Men


We have a new trend on our hands: recession cinema. After last month’s Up in the Air, in which George Clooney goes around firing people, we now get The Company Men: an ensemble cast of Hollywood heavyweights playing business execs affected by corporate… Read More

Viggo’s Beard is Better Than Yours: A Look at the Cormac McCarthy Film Adaptation of The Road


Viggo is back. He has a frayed, wild look in his eye. His beard is ferocious. He is the lead in the film adaption of the Cormac McCarthy novel, The Road. From the looks of the trailer and today’s newly-screened clips from the film, The Road is shaping up to be equally as gripping as McCarthy’s previously adapted work, No Country for Old Men. Instead of some dude with a freaky haircut shooting people with a cow gun, as is the case with No Country, we are treated with something arguably more frightening: a post-apocalyptic world… with cannibalism galore.

After an unexplained natural disaster, an unnamed family — Viggo Mortensen as the Father, Charlize Theron as the Mother, and Kodi Smit-McPhee as the Son — survive. Other people survive, too, but less fortunately as blood-thirsty, sun-deprived people/zombies. The film follows the father and son’s journey to safety. After the jump, we’re going to take you through the clips and back up why Tom Chiarella of Esquire is calling The Road “the most important movie of the year.”
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