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Watch Ice Cube Talk LA Architecture

If you’ve been waiting all day to listen to legendary MC Ice Cube wax poetic about architecture and husband/wife designers Charles and Ray Eames, then we’ve got the perfect video for you. Past the break, listen to the rapper-actor discuss LA architecture in a new promo video for the massive art event, Pacific Standard Time. The former NWA member takes a tour of the Eames house in Pacific Palisades, which he says is a perfect example of resourceful design and a showcase of structure and nature as one. Click on to hear Ice talk about “gangster traffic” and one of LA’s most memorable constructions. We’ve also included the Anthony Kiedis/Ed Ruscha and Jason Schwartzman/John Baldessari videos so you can play catch up in the series. … Read More

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What’s on at Flavorpill: Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we read the world’s saddest Craigslist post. We had dreams of reams of Eames. We watched a cicada molt. We were frightened, and yet slightly intrigued, by the lives of time warp wives. We wondered what Andrew Lloyd Webber is planning to do with a $20 M… Read More

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Unpopular Opinions: Mid-Century Overload

People: we’re all for clean lines, bare floors, bright windows, and cantilevers. In fact, maybe it’s a little silly to complain about the ubiquity of good taste. However, it’s doubtful that even Charles and Ray Eames (pronounced eeeemz or āmz, depending on who you ask) would approve of the mid-century fixation occurring across the blogosphere. After all, the fiberglass shell chair, upon its creation in 1948, was remarkable not just for its function, but for its revolutionary form. So isn’t it time we stopped aspiring to the following equation for a hip home? … Read More

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Great Recession Design: Less Celebrity, More Activism

Have you heard? Architecture is dead. Thanks, recession! The critics are weighing in on the past year’s ups and downs — and predicting the future — with a bunch of glum obituaries. (You know, before they lose their jobs when there’s no architecture left to critique.)

Let’s break them down after the jump. … Read More

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