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Watch LeVar Burton Teach Kids About Twitter in ‘Tweeting Rainbow’

Reading Rainbow host LeVar Burton (ie, everyone’s favorite person ever) appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Friday night to read… Read More

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Video of the Day: If ‘Reading Rainbow’ Did ‘Naked Lunch’

If we had one complaint about LeVar Burton’s wonderful Reading Rainbow, it would be that the show never took full advantage of its potentially tripped-out rainbow motif. Well, except in that one episode where Burton, apparently on some substance or another, chases butterflies, teaches us about insects, and introduces the kiddies to the weird world of William S. Burroughs’ heroin opus Naked Lunch. OK, so it’s not a real Reading Rainbow episode — but it is a rather clever mash-up of the show and David Cronenberg’s 1991 film adaptation of the novel. Watch Andre Perkowski’s video below, and never hear the words “I can go twice as high” the same way again. … Read More

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LeVar Burton in Pop Culture: A Retrospective

Happy birthday, Levardis Robert Martyn Burton, Jr.! Whether you know him as Geordi La Forge from Star Trek, as Kunta Kinte from Roots, or as the Reading Rainbow host who kick-started your childhood book binge, you’re probably as thrilled as we are whenever LeVar Burton pops up in your pop culture sphere. Really, who couldn’t relate to Donald Glover’s Community panic attack upon his starstruck introduction to Mr. Burton? Needless to say, he is a master at the art of TV cameos, and to honor his 55th birthday, we’ve gathered a collection of excellent LeVar Burton pop culture appearances after the jump. Oh, and feel free to leave your birthday wishes in the comments. He might not read them, but we will. … Read More

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The Coolest Children’s Educational Shows of All Time

Today is the 56th birthday of one of our most beloved childhood companions: Bill Nye (yes, the Science Guy). To celebrate, and to prove that TV doesn’t always rot your brain, Mom, we’ve compiled a list of the coolest-ever educational shows for kids, on everything from biology to grammar to drawing. Click through to see our list and indulge in a little smarty-pants nostalgia, and be sure to let us know which of your favorites we’ve missed in the comments (yes, we left out Schoolhouse Rock, but it isn’t strictly a television show). Hey, maybe you’ll even learn something! Full disclosure: we did. … Read More

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'Reading Rainbow' Returning as an iPad App

When Reading Rainbow went off the air in 2006, it was a bit hard to believe. How could a show responsible for fostering a love of books and reading in kids for so many years just go away? It seemed absurd that the PBS show wouldn’t exist. Thankfully, LeVar Burton, who was the show’s host… Read More

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The End of the (Reading) Rainbow

Reading Rainbow, the book-centric PBS children’s series, has reached the end of its 26-year run, NPR reports. We remember it best as the show various babysitters parked us in front of during our formative years, but we do love to read, so maybe its message sank in. We weep for host LeVar Burton and his legion of fans, even though we have to admit that we didn’t know the show was still on the air. Blame it on the recession…oh yeah, and George W. Bush’s education policy. Because the show stresses why kids should love reading rather than how to read, it’s not in line with the Bush administration’s focus on phonics and spelling. So basically, George W. Bush killed Reading Rainbow. After the jump, a guided tour through some timeless Reading Rainbow… Read More

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